Your LOVECAST®: Passion and Prickliness

Your Love Horoscope

Whatever you’re feeling at the start of the week will likely escalate as we approach the Full Moon in emotional Cancer on Wednesday. What’s more, Venus clashing with Mars on Thursday intensifies both passion and prickliness in relationships. Toward the weekend, romance has a fiery vibe from Friday through Saturday early evening. Thereafter, the Moon in Virgo evokes a calmer, sensual energy. Best days for socializing: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s your Love Horoscope!

Aries Love Horoscope

The Full Moon intensifying family interactions may cause a confrontation, but also inspire you to host a fun activity at your home. Just be mindful of Venus clashing with your Mars ruler, which may evoke the need for a compromise. Friday is a good time to host a party or enjoy a sexy tryst. A helpful activity inspires romance this weekend.

Taurus Love Horoscope

The need to verbalize your feelings will be strong during the Full Moon. This will be especially useful if Mars afflicting your Venus ruler prompts an argument with someone close to you. Hosting a gathering on Friday or Saturday afternoon will show off your creativity. An attraction will likely escalate on Saturday night or Sunday.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

The Full Moon encourages you to get in touch with and express your deepest emotions to inspire love. Sensitivity will be needed to quell a possible conflict on Thursday. Romance can be found online or while traveling on Friday. A cozy tryst for two or dinner with friends at your abode will energize you this weekend.

Cancer Love Horoscope

The Full Moon in your sign heightens your powers of attraction, but may also send your emotions on a roller-coaster ride. Such intensity can fuel your creativity or prompt a passionate romp—if you rise above an irritation with your partner. Expressing what’s in your heart inspires love this weekend, when articulating your feelings comes naturally.

Leo Love Horoscope

A group activity may bring a romantic encounter on Monday. The mid-week Full Moon illuminates your unconscious, which can evoke an insight that improves your relationships, especially if you take some quiet time to yourself. Your allure is irresistible from Thursday through Saturday afternoon. Being genuine/grounded inspires love this weekend.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Look for romance during group activities around the time of the Full Moon. New friends and social opportunities can enter your life as well. A clash between love and passion may arise mid-week. A daring approach ignites passion on Friday or Saturday. You’ll be a magnet for admirers on Saturday night and especially on Sunday!

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Libra Love Horoscope

Your reputation and expertise are in the limelight during the Full Moon, when romance can be found at work or through a colleague. Your Venus ruler clashing with Mars in your sign prompts the need to find a balance between sensitivity and assertiveness when dealing with others. A natural, sensual ambiance inspires romance during the weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The Full Moon illuminates the future of your love life and other areas, so listen to your inner voice. You may meet someone with ties to a foreign land or attract an admirer through an educational or spiritual activity. Taking the lead in love can bring the desired result on Friday or Saturday. Friends will energize you this weekend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

A tryst can bring delight on Monday. The Full Moon deepens intimacy by getting you in touch with emotions that need expressing or healing. An exploration of your dark side will illuminate any negative feelings that hinder love. On a lighter note, sharing your knowledge or learning something new can ignite romance on Friday or Saturday.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

The Full Moon in your partnership sector may energize a close relationship while bringing up an issue that needs to be resolved. Also, Mars battling with Venus in your sign can illuminate a conflict of needs between you and your sweetie. That said, an intimate tryst on Friday or Saturday will get love back on track!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Romance has a playful feel at the start of the week, before excessive emotionalism takes over during the Full Moon. As such, you may need to wade through the seemingly illogical reactions of others. A mix of compassion and objectivity will help. A rendezvous with your sweetie or a close friend will bring delight on Friday or Saturday.

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Pisces Love Horoscope

Romance can be a wild ride during the Full Moon. Fortunately, your mutable nature will take the highs and lows in stride, while staying in tune with your sweetie. If you’re solo, you may meet an admirer during a fun activity on Wednesday. You’re most likely to attract someone compatible on Saturday night or Sunday.

17 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: Passion and Prickliness

  1. Bella

    4 lulu psps hers a question 4 you I am sure that you are already aware of this = that NO you can’t ever make someone love you ever & who would want 2 love someone IF they don’t want 2 love you back == NO you can’t ever make some 1 love you no matter how hard you might try , I’m so sorry however if it’s just not there or if feeling is not the same – they might not have the exact sane feelings AS you might have 4 them … Nave re think this & maybe be 100000000 %% honesty with your own self about it 1st if I’m just being with you by being honestly with UR own self 1st & N private 2 see if you still need 2 cast a love spell … BCZ sometimes it’s just not meant 2 be N the future , as much as it might hurt , I’m sorry it could be true …. I’m not saying by no means a love cast might not work out plz be careful do your research 1st … Be blessed – take care remember that no, as N no you can’t ever make someone change , BCZ 1ST they must want 2 change 1ST …. plz ck. out the site , where you will be the ONLY judge 🙂 FYI were – being UR a Capricorn 2 == yes & NO matter what , plz know this that yes you will survive IT either way !!!! 🙂

  2. Bella

    Sorry I guess I should of explained this 1, 1ST FYI ALL CaPRICORNS are known 4 being AKA “” 4 “”notorious”” 4 being stubborn – very strong willed folks 2 & @ times yes WE seem 2 think our egos don’t match no 1 else’s , however this Capricorn well I WAS all wrong & N the wrong 2 lol !!!! FYI = as N we rarely DO budge – change our minds unless WE can BE proving other wise… Sorry it’s N our DNA – however with US trust IS everything 2 US & once it’s gone there IS NO coming back IF our hearts gets crushed = WERE gone – this 1 IS done “” it ISA what it is “” FYI yes trust it’s something 2 us yes you must 1ST earn trust with US 1ST 2 , no I know it’s not fair, it’s BCZ WE are very business mind oriented folks & @ sometimes , yes I’m sorry 2 say however yes WE can – do sometimes treat our love relationships AS IT IS a business partnership …. Which is a big NO -NO … FYI I’m sorry 4 being that way 4 ever & yes I can honestly & – finally say now lol “” thank “” GOD “” I’m not 1 of those folks NO more BCZ yes due – 2 thanks 4- 2 all OF the past 18 months OF the retros YES ” I’ve been reformed – reborn AGAIN – re taught lol myself 2 love & trust N myself own self 1ST 2 , 😉 lol ha-ha lol 😉 , plz be safe – be blessed , NATA but <3 , & yes I do hope this does helps you … 🙂

  3. Bella

    4 nancy I’m so sorry 2 , with that being said yes I’ve been there & I’ve done that = NO I’m not living – doing IT NO more lol … With us – WE were a Double earth paring Capricorn IT was magnetic 2 .. FYI yes it was A very very very sensual – VERY it was a powerful – very INTENSE connection 2 , FYI no I have never ever had NATA ever liked that – it ever or B4 either … however I got fed up – tired of all of the utter – mundane BS so 1 day I just left – checked out of the situation lol YES – YEAH it’s that plain – & simple 2 .. Yes &!of course I @ 1st , yes I missed – I loved him a lot , but as you can see I clearly got over it – & I finally came 2 MY own senses 2 lol lol 😉 …. I hope this does help you , PLZ be well – be blessed – plz have a very safe – & a very 🙂 happy prosperous new year !!!!

  4. Bella

    4 LU-LU !!!! PLZ BEWARE n casting OF LOVE spells FYI !!!! “”alba-love spells”” … FYI PLZ BEWARE !!!! I’ve been on the receiving end B4 lol however not necessary A good thing IF you don’t WANT IT !!!!! … what gave IT – away 4 me was with – when mine – GAVE IT away 4 me , was WHEN a amethyst gorgeous stone JUST showed up out of NO where 2 – I said holy sh!t & OMG – & with mine as soon as I saw IT (the amethyst stone) lol I knew what it was right away lol bc #1 a lot of time – care went N2 making it … #2 ITS gorgeous 2 – It was – = it IS polished – gorgeous – beautiful amethyst stone welded together – #3 it IS polished – put on top of glass which was made of when lightning strikes sand sorry I 4 get what they call it .. However -=!Yeah I guess the didn’t realize I got N2 candles – 100000000000 %%% embrace psychics AS I did “” FYI this is NATA 2 play around with !!!! FYI PLZ BEWARE n casting LOVE spells please be careful OF -, what YOU do ask 4 -OF , by the way – plz make sure UR willing 2 accept ALL the consequences VERSE the UR responsibilities 4 UR actions 2 – yes ALL of ((((1’S)))) OWN actions 2, are you “””” listening “””” 2 me …. My Best wishes 2 -4 you, lol good luck 2 you !!!! BCZ UR gonna need it … FYI personally 4 my own self I would get a professional psychic 2 DO IT 4 you , lol that IS what I did 2 reverse the original love cast , that was casted upon me lol lol “” it ISA what it is “” however – but since U’ve asked all I am doing IS responding back 2 you with A- == theirs is UR answer …. Happy new year – be blessed …. 😉 psps BEWARE I kept mine amethyst stone BCZ it’s so gorgeous , FYI I think 4 my own self reasonings that’s why we’re still so connected with each other lord knows , I don’t want to be bc it’s 2 much hurt there – lol LOL I’m ok now 😉 …. & 2 be 10000000000 %%% honest with you lol – I wish he would just disappear right about now 2, lol !!!!! 😉

  5. Nancy

    I’m a capricorn, is there anything worse than being frustrated in love? I dont remember feeling worse than i feel right now,it has never been this bad,i feel like it’s the end. Can anyone HELP!Pls

  6. Bella

    4 Marissa … A poly situation thank you 4 being very honest about IT why BCZ most folks would NOT touch this with a 10 foot pole you see so uh huh & kudos 2 you 2 ok – NO ma’am no i don’t judge NO 1 …. FYI I am a big defender of this policy yes I am – FYI yes I will defend – get any 1 – folks ass who does sit N judge any 1 BCZ it’s NO1, NO 1s place 2 judge NO 1 !!! == – if they DO choose 2 judge by being 4 – so narrow minded If any 1 does judge yes it up sets me terrible & How dare they – nor any 1 else 2 ever sit N judgement of NO 1 – or 4 any 1 else ever & how dare they !!!! however my friend yes that – this is a tricky situation 2 be UR N BCZ it can be – OR get – turn N2 a very difficult situation especially when REAL emotions – feelings DO – DO get N involved AS it should , unless it’s just a “” strictly a poly with a “” FWB “” scenario situation which means all IF the cards was – were laid out 1 st or from B4 hand == no you can’t complain – jump ship you see …. IF all of the “‘ BCZ yes ALL OF the rules are set up 4 reasons B4 hand !!!! FYI BCZ since you can’t change the rules if the —— N mid steam either !!!!! sorry there IS no way 2 sugar coat that or this 1 …. “” it is what it is “” which can lead or it might lead all parties N2 a very dark place – a depression IF in securities come up – or OUT no I didn’t mean no kind of disrespect – NO offense but N that situation how could 1 think it won’t happen might feel a bit N secure with 1s own self IF UR not being very open – & VERY very very – honest – about IT so plz BE careful if you DO know what I DO mean == it could be -CAUSE a hard ship – trying times 4 all who is involved , if things DO go wacko or NOT as is – or how it was meant 2 be – go down – or as – it is now – N the 1st place == it HAS NOT all turned out – WORKED out 2 be all rosy – peachy … They way 1 might of thought IT would OF turned out !!!! FYI this is usually due – or caused by jealousy issues as you well know with this certain life styles FYI a lot if folks DO judge & NO most folks don’t get IT – this – life style much less nor Do they even try 2 understand – support this kind of certain life style == oh hell 2 the NO BCZ N most incidents it’s – this IS all considered 2 be forbidden – hidden society behind ALL close doors 2 … N some of cases a lot of it is BS hype is just about HOW societies does – == views this as a negative == yes they are judging you IF they do 2 == yes this can cause some acceptance issues N most of societies worlds like with now & yes N 2014 which can REAK havoc BY all who is involved N the certain – life style – relationship AS it is now you see !!!! BCZ who can you really honestly talk to about this sorry the list is probably very few !!!!!! No it’s not playing fair @ all I do hear ya 2, UR N a very tough situation maybe you MUST take some time away – get some (((((((6))))))) degrees OF separation 2 if you know what i DO mean maybe might suggestion might be 4 you 2 take take a semi break 4 UR own sanity maybe – step back find UR footing AGAIN sounds like maybe u have lost UR way FYI this is what I do N my world I write out the pros- verses MY own cons out & AS N always lol “” when N doubt YOU must 1ST stop doing what YOU are doing 1ST until YOU – IT can BE figured out 1ST -== when YOUR N doubt “”” plz stop what UR currently doing 1st !!!!! yes plz do this you 1st you’ve must be able 2 find UR center once again – find out – seek IT OUT sounds like something is t working out NO more 4 you so yes IT === it it’s causing a lot of confusion @ where the UR current situation is headed @ , FYI you need 2 find UR own clarity 1st OF – about what UR really – truly – honestly are looking AT – it N – or 4 what makes you 🙂 about it 4 what it truly is – or what this IS == 4 you’ or N it – UR current situation UR N BCZ IF UR not very happy N UR current situation you see “” 1ST”” here’s an honest question BCZ how are you gonna make any 1 else truly 🙂 1ST you see if UR not !!!!! Last but NOT least this IS the 1 thing that NO they can’t BE – HAVE NO grey areas N @ ALL other wise yes talk – UR can – gonna cause every 1 to self destruction B4 every 1 very eyes if you know what I DO MEAN you have NATA but my 1000000000 %% of understanding – & <3 4 you …. I hope this helps you out !!!! plz be blessed – , I do wish you – & your loved 1s a very 🙂 happy new year N 2014 … OMG yes poly stuff yes it can BE very tricky , FYI it's not 4 every 1 , 😉 I have NATA but love peace & 4 happy ness 4 all parties who's Involved 🙂

  7. Bella

    Sorry what i meant 2 say “” we might not act emotionally back as fast as some 1 might want them us 2 be = “” it might NOT work out “” sorry !!!!

  8. Bella

    4 chuckaho, oh Lordy me & ole my AH -relationships issues lol I hear ya I thought you were 🙂 🙂 married ???? I guess UR going thru a rough patch ??? I’m sorry … “” it is what it is “” @ sometimes , Bottom line is this – yes earth & waters signs usually do – does work well together BCZ they seem 2 be able 2 get each other – & be able 2 sooth each other’s souls 4 some reasons … from my own point OF view Virgos – CaPRICORNS are a THE PERFECT match == A great match – BCZ they seem 2 get each other … Feel each others vibes out !!!! However with A Pisces if they are true typical rebellious Pisces out 2 prove their OWN selfs worth – indepenence – OR if they feel they need 2 get ALL of their own points of views across 24/7XS365 days a year with out listening 2 the other 1 1st == with a Pisces some earth signs may feel , or get frustrated a lot with this BY certain practices lol – & they may feel suffocated – stifled a bit by them – ir by their own actions bc emotionally it’s so over whelming @ times – no I don’t know which is which ( I bet UR the Virgo male though lol )) who’s frustrated , but yes with most Virgos ((FYI I love get along with all Virgos)) however yes when – with most all Virgos – they have that articulate – nick – picky personalities going on where yes N their works everything has 2 BE 10000000000 %% 2 perfect which IS not always THE case goings on – NATA but <3 – but yea they DO seek this out OF perfection – with the ALL thing going on N their life's bc they are just that way N natures as a perfectionist should be which isn't such a bad thing FYI …. However yes @ sometimes that does gets N – ON some folks – earth signs last nerves as N it's the same 4 a Pisces as well == IF a Pisces is gets 2 needy – 2 clingy – if they makes indecisive acts choices by their own actions – or IF they are all over the Map -by doing certain acts 2 win a what ever 1st ?????? Yes Translation = that IF they are == wishy washy == this drives us earth signs crazy lol sorry but yes this – it can create some friction – problems BCZ earth signs are – do stay so grounded – we nay seem – & since we only DO appear to be none emotional due 2 the facts it takes a while 4 us 2 respond back- then it's un enitionakky , BCZ were always are thinkers hard @ work …. It night BOT work out you see ????? FYI this is why earth signs they seek out stablities N all of our – their relationships lol == earth signs tends 2 find – needs 2 seek out clarity – we need some 1 who is like our own self – we need some 1 who balances us – them out – with N – A calm ness environment N all situations 4 earth signs this is a must VIP 4 them 2 be able 2 thrive – survive if this makes sense 2 you ??? "" it is what it is """ !!!! Hey you I remember you drom October FYI my 411 was left 4 you @ with a certain church (( where her funeral was @)) – yes & 4 you only a while back 4 you 2 call just N case you needed our help with UR daughters situation FYI !!!! I hope you had a nice holidays as well !!!! Sorry about – UR love troubles bc like I said I thought you were 🙂 🙂 married lol .. You see you never do really DO know 4 sure … I hope you have a very 🙂 new year – I hope UR "" GOD "" grants you all of UR wishes 4 many blessings through out all of the New Year 2 PLZ have a good 1 … Psps here's a funny 1 lol I might if mentioned this from B4 😉 lol FYI yes you do DO your PLZ just like I do … 🙂

  9. Bella

    Lol lol what NYC ??? Lol what the pictures of my foot on FB lol lol .. No silly gooses lol 😉 I was getting my babies ready 4 Haley 2 take them 2 go potty when my babies leashes got tangle up & down I went hard N heals, sorry Haley was down stairs – thought i blacked out -& fell so she just freaked out called her mom ASAP she came running across the street 2 still N her deputy’s uniform 2 which set off the alarms – then she started calling folks BCZ she wanted me 2 GO 2 the Drs I said fat snowball chance N hell lol == I’m ok it’s all good !!! OMG social media , it’s everywhere 2 lol , Yeah It looks bad FYI yes it hurts BAD 2 … No I’m not going 2 the Drs – why BCZ I’m already going N the morning 2 see Dr S – & get fussed @ 2 🙁 probably + I have my oncology appt. anyway which I’m sure it’s gonna BE lovely – & a lot of fun lol lol ha-ha & is something broke maybe ???? Love ya xoxo <3 psps yes I saw it "" crazssssssssss "" lol i showed it 2 uncle patty 2 he gets his daily horoscopes 2 from here 2 , I think 2 spy on me , yes I commented 2 if it gets posted on it , well I guess I hit a raw nerve well good 4 them == yes my mission was accomplished then so I don't care = his madness finally has stopped !!!! No – not – zip – NATA lol lol nothing !!!!! NO Not a WORD = it's a good .. Riddle me this WHY = BCZ NO I'm not the only 1 this does happens 2 BCZ some folks are so crazy & yes they do like 2 play games sorry "" N my mind that crazy •• "" homey don't play NO games "" unless it's 4 keeps = no I don't DO – put up with NO crazsssssss aka "CAP" – however WHY is IT that bc yes & unfortunately YES some folks do indeed create – AKA make up false – fake emails accounts 2 try 2 reach OUT 2 not only me but out 2 many many many other out there , so yes crazsssssss folks out there & yes every where 2 lol & what gives BCZ yes & N my legal mind most folks does calls that stalking so who's crazssssssss NOW … FYI that might be why my uncle patty – DA'S office IS looking 4 their butts now & 2 == bc yes it shows very un stability CRAZY minds about them 2 = riddle me that !!!! xoxoxo 😉

  10. chuckaho

    R Pisces & Virgo’s compatible?? Cause after a 7 year relationship, I am beginning 2 wonder! Plz let me know the answer, or let me know who Virgo is compatible with. Plz Plz.Plz HELP!

  11. Peter

    Born on 04/28/59, what is my zodiac sign ? I am presently having problems with my newly found sole mate. How can this be restored?


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