Aries: The Irresistible Lover

Which appealing package describes your Aries? That fabulous-looking athlete, the boss with boundless energy and confidence, or maybe even that intriguing person with the buff body who turned out to be MUCH older than you thought, but who cares? Aries endows its people with an amazing youthful appearance and energy level, seemingly forever. Aries, ruled by fire and Mars, is fueled by passion – keep your Aries excited and you have their attention, maybe even their devotion. And you, like a moth to a flame, keep going back for more of their dynamic energy.

The fearlessness and passion of the Aries is the turn-on we might expect from a “god” with this sign-ruler’s history. To give you a feeling for your Aries love, we can go way, way back to the ancient Babylonian god Nergal. Images of him from thousands of years ago show that he would be considered a handsome “hottie” today. Here’s the good news about this Nergal-type – loyalty – once they’re hooked, they are likely hooked on you for life.

Nergal’s heroism caused the other gods to send him to the Underworld to retrieve a gift denied by the goddess of that realm, Erishkigal. After enduring the unbelievable feats in his path to Erishkigal where he was to confront her and make the gods’ demands, they simply laid eyes on each other and all else was forgotten, for seven days of intense love-making. Does that sound like your Aries love? When Nergal had to return to his own territory, he and Erishkigal remained true to each other through eternity. In spite of required separations due to their godly duties, Nergal always returned to his lover. If you keep your Aries impassioned, they are yours.

Today we know the ruler of Aries to be the Roman god Mars, who evolved from the Greek god Ares. Ares and Mars were later versions of the gorgeous, fiery Nergal, and the beautiful Egyptian god Osiris, the great broad-shouldered hero we see with his bow in the winter night skies. Mars was unbeatable as a warrior, but the one force he bowed to was the irresistible charms of Venus. Their mutual attraction made them eternal lovers like Nergal and Erishkigal. Never mind that Venus was married to Hephaestus, they couldn’t help themselves – as you know – that Aries of yours is irresistible, too.

That pure Mars passion makes Aries and Scorpios the most energetic and intense lovers of the zodiac. The term, “every which way but loose,” must have been written about an Aries lovers’ moves and sheltering arms.

Here’s some exciting and challenging news about your Aries lover. Or, if you are an Aries who likes reading about how irresistible you are, keep on reading, since this is about you! Jupiter and Uranus have entered the sign of Aries, and this combination promises excitement and surprises beyond your imagination. If you like it quiet and homey, be ready to deal with your Aries’s energy being multiplied – we know, we know – it’s already beyond amazing. Also, a desire for adventure and impetuousness may overwhelm them. It would be a good idea to be understanding and, if possible, go along for the ride.

There is a pretty strong likelihood – given the planets making aspects to this exciting alignment, that these ideas may seem unrealistic or irresponsible to you. Rather than just saying so, you might want to ask for a night to “sleep on it.” You know your Aries is always ready for the bedroom. That would be a great time for both of you to sort things out. You may have to supply the patience your Aries is lacking these days. Will it be worth it? Think about Nergal and Erishkigal, and Mars and Venus, and you decide. Eternal love might just be worth it. You do find each other, after all, irresistible!

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65 thoughts on “Aries: The Irresistible Lover

  1. ashley

    Aries are number 1!!!…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being the best at everything I touch.Thank God I am an Aries..I wonder how other signs cope with being them?..aah well..sux being them..

  2. tracy

    I’m an Aries Born April 17th. I have been married to a Scorpio and a cancer but they both crossed the line with me. Truth is they both lost me for good. Now I just protect my heart.

  3. mimi

    Flirtatous, impatient, loving, always blunt with what is in their mind. fearless, always want to do thing in different ways. i’m an Aries thank goodness.

  4. Mark

    I’m a Cancer male, I love my Aries woman and am fiercely protective of her.
    I know what I’ve got here. She has been duped and abused by other men and stalked by by them too. Perhaps some of this is due to her impetuous and flirtatious nature.
    I’m not jealous, I love her open and bold honesty.
    I will give her a loyal and kind man she can trust………………
    Sounds Korny I know, but I would do anything for her, in fact I’m in the process of crossing the nation to connect with her.
    She’s worth it. So here’s to you Aries

    1. Caramel

      Good for you. It’s good to hear there’s a man on this earth that can actually appreciate a good aries’ woman. We’re so good that so many men and people take us for granted. I guess they feel that strong passion that we give when we are truly in love; And, they make the mistake of thinking they’ll always have our love. Until, one day they wake up and we vanised for good!

  5. Ka M

    I am a Taurus woman; sensual as Venus. My boyfriend is an Aries; fiery and passionate. My first Aries lover. The article above is a complete description of our love. He has loved me even at times when I tried his love. He has often been brutally honest, but I soon realized his honesty has built trust. He likes his freedom and as a Taurus I could cage him, but I don’t. I allow his freedom and he returns with his fiery, passionate love. I have never met a man who cares for me as much as this man.

  6. TrueAriesLove

    Born March 22, I am a true Aries. The only thing that upsets me about myself is that I can be very mean. I almost never feel guilty about it, but I try so hard to make up for it because I have a huge heart. I’ve dated an aries once and it lasted for four years. The sex never, ever, eeeeever got old!!! It was so amazing and we were so obsessed with each other. He was also my bestfriend, allowing us to be able to talk about anything and go through hard times head strong. The sad part is, our jobs left us ending our relationship, and if I could turn back time, I would have stayed with him forever!

  7. Gemini

    Hi! I am a Gemini and just met an Aries. Yes, he is a good person and we are very attracted
    when we met. But, it is so difficult to get together for that second date. He says he will
    call me back but, doesn’t keep his word. It is upsetting. He states he is sorry, but it is
    giving me red flags. If an Aries is so sensitive why can’t he have the courtesy to take the
    time to call me.

  8. Araanza

    Hi there!! My boyfriend is Aries,, and what I love the most about this man is his great-amazing combination, he is strong, and So sweet, he is so sexy, so cute, romantic, Aries guys are adorables, ans they are sooo confidents,, on their bad side, Aries can be sometimes, CARELESS, and Aries always going to say exactly what they think, and sometimes they hurt cause they are so impulsive too, but aries indeed, are great lovers full of passion!!! Lucky us that we can have these great lovers!! And bighearted guys too!! As a Leo girl we are a great combination!!! ?

  9. mozpong

    Me & my fiance both are Aries. Once, our souls have been collected, it’s complete alright. I didn’t know how to complete with other souls. It’s not about only sex and love, but needed
    each other. It’s a miracle for meeting someone which so similarly but different to memeeting som

  10. Joe Caruso

    I’m an Aries male 27 and can definitely testify to the fact that sex Is of the utmost importance in our lives I went 2 years with out a mate and it nearly killed me. I’m very handsome and lean but self conscience And guarded because I fall Into love with my lovers to fast and to deeply its almost painful to be in a relation ship because of the fear of a inevitable break up at some time specially these days I recently have found a new girl and I love giving her all my Arien romance In the bedroom Great article made me feel good I am aries Here me roar make you moan!!

  11. pat

    we are both aries , born 5 days apart ,the same year ,,, married for very nearlly 60 years still in love an wanting each other ,, loved reading about us , it is all very true, thanks p.

  12. Maxine Gates

    I’m truly an Aries and proud of it. I love, in general and all that love has to offer and I need my loving like a baby needs its mama breast. My boyfriend is a Cancer and although, I hurt his feelings sometimes, he always come back for more, we are the best and know how to make our love ones feel like they are on top of the world. I feel sexy all the time and can never get enough.

    We are born leaders and some people just hate us, cause we got it and we simply enjoy life an what it has to offer.

    Great cooks, lovers, friends and always something to laugh about.

    1. Arirs is me

      @DreamKiller. Nope! Leo is just male lion. Lions are lazy but nature. Lioneses do all the hunts. How come a lazy become a warrior. Aries the no 1 dude!

  13. Virgo

    Um Hi Im a virgo and one of the most important things to me in a relationship is that we connect sexually. I have had an Aries lover and the sex was amazing and intense, but I found that Aries lovers can also be lazy with Virgo and expect us to do all the pleasing. So dont be fooled into thinking a Virgo cannot satisfy you in the bedroom! Just find one thats got a decent amount of self esteem, and yes that is possible, and make sure you give as much as you take.

  14. Renee Edmund

    I totally agree with Hot Arian. As a fellow Aires (March 23), I hate liars and will get my revenge if I feel that you did me wrong. I am kind hearted, giving and very helpful. My partner is a Cancer and he feels that I stopped caring and loving him if I don’t show him constant affection, which I haven’t.

  15. Paula

    I am a very typical Aries, full of energy and passion, noble heart, loyal, ready to help and others, and lead new ideas and projects. also, very attractive, with very strong sexual needs. Every thing you say I am. But my couple is a virgo man who is all without sexual energies, insecure, negative and pessimist, and very bad making decisions. I fell unhappy totally. I think that virgo is not a good lover to aries. I don’t know what to do so he is killing my positivity and is not giving to me the sex that I need.

  16. Hot Arian

    I am 100% Aries Born on the the 21 March 1983. My partner is Leo he himself couldn’t keep up with my daily sex demand ;-). And if I don’t give him attention he became very worried and beg for my passion because he thinks I stop loving him which is really sweet…..

    Warning! Aries hates LIAR so guys make sure you know how to clean up your mess if you don’t want to get caught red handed… and never make any promises you do not intend of doing so.

    Aries are kind hearted giving and very helpful but if you cross the line or betrayed your Aries partner she will seek vengeance and make sure your life will never be the same again… so gudluck guys

  17. Bren'a

    I am excited to be Aries, the personitilty takes me for a loop myself, I have to catch up somtimes. It sometimes tend to be lots of work, yet fun to conqure challenges! on in the bedroom also!!!!

  18. lishicious

    am a proud aries and this article makes me feel lyk sm1 is writing a story abt me. we aries are soo fun and exciting to be with. aries women are usually a hands full to handle. most guys are usually intimidated by our independence and colossal ego at the same time are drawn by our passion and innocence. what better match than someone who undastands d dynamics of being an aries than an aries male. the passion is usually out of this world and they usually complement each other in every wayso if u are an aries female looking for a sizzling hot romance, an aries male is d way to go and u ll be sure that theinital passion that drew u two together will be there for eternity.

  19. staylor0418

    staylor0418 July 13, 2012 at 10:49 am
    I am an Aries woman and have been dating an Aries man. Holy Cow! This article is dead on. We allow each other the space that we require being head strong Aries and this helps greatly. I treat him like the man he deserves to feel like and he satisfies ALL my needs and makes me feel 100% protected, loved, cherished and understood. We were both strangely drawn to each other which we have never felt that way about anyone before. The sex is OUT OF THIS WORLD! There isn’t anything we do or try that doesn’t completely consume every bit of our body and souls. This man has done a complete 180 just for me that before he would have been completely knowingly selfish about. I support, encourage and satisfy him every way possible. Our relationship is full of pure passion, desire and unconditional love. The key for us is addressing any issues that arise right away. Do not let those things way on your mind. This will hinder any chance of oneness with your partner.

  20. Minnie

    I am a proud Aries indeed and yes we are very independent and we have the strength and ambition to lead the most ferocious pack seen by the human eye however we are also very hard headed and that has lead me to many heart beaks simply because I guess guys feel intimidated . It’s hard to cope with but at the end of the day I want someone who accepts me as me with all my Aries traits and all ! Aries all the way baby ! <3

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  22. Sandra

    Dam Straight page, i’m the same way with my man i’m not going to let anyone take advantage of my faience it makes me angry n wanna punch them out lol ..

  23. aswi

    i love being an airies but what if your and airies and fell in love with a virgo and their libdo is low what to do can this last?

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  25. Paige

    I am proud to be an Arise! What a lucky man to have an Aries lover. We tend to spoil them under the sheets. We are extreme extraverts. And are not shy. We love to be loved, but when our men don’t stand there ground or stand up for them selves, we don’t like that very much. It’s almost agravating. If you are an Aries and agree with me leave a comment please. Let me know if I’m the only aries that thinks that way.

  26. jay best

    thank’s for the comment.I’m scard to go in jail to tell her my real feeling for her and family.can’t do the first step .but for sure I’ll let her come to me wiht open harms.thank you all you guy’s help alot

  27. Sandra H

    All i can say, “I’m an Aries, and i know you was talking about me.
    My partner is a Gemini and we can’t get enough of each other. Our togetherness is Great, know matter what we’re doing. We are going on year #4 and eventhough i know nothing can be 100%, if i can’t have 100%, then we can leave it at 85%,{which is where i think we’re at right now}cause i am Happy, but there is nothing wrong with being 100% Ecstatic. There’s always room for improvement.

  28. Ra333

    We are the best indeed. I do feel bad for our loved one’s sometimes though because we are a handful…Especially for those of us who are triple fire signs! 🙂



  30. Niropa Prasad

    I am an Aries and am proud of that but i have an Aries lover who is unpredictable and acts and thinks like me in a different way. Sometimes I wonder why but we both are Irresistible and that I am more proud of cause when we meet we are just flames and head to toe in Love. I love being a Leader and Love being an Aries

  31. ukm

    Aries are unlucky because opposite sex could not sensitise the inner flame though they are secrecy keeper and social prestige concious.

  32. Rose Cocca

    that is true you are irresistible me anyway…believe me you are the best thing that happen to me…we had some up and downs but we still came back..what does that tell you? that we will make can i get to you when they are looking ..i dont want to get court.seeing afraid that they will…is it o.ok? i dont know…i feel like im sneeking around…this is not about you this is about me…are you ready to see me? at one time you were afraid to…will you let me in??/remember at one time you used to say no….you would never let me in…have you change??

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