Pet Psychics: How Can They Really Help?

Tap Into the Power of the Animal Mind

Demi Moore can tell you the value of a pet psychic. A while back, the super celeb lost her beloved dog. Getting that pet back was her top priority and, when all else failed, Ms. Moore consulted a pet psychic. She got her dog back—a happy ending. How do pet psychics work?

If you Google pet psychics, you get about a half million returns. Pet psychics, pet communicators, and pet whisperers abound. As with psychics dealing with people, some of these practitioners are charlatans, but some seem to be sensitive to pets, other animals, and their psychic energies.

Watch dog whisperer Caesar Millan, or Britain’s equivalent Victoria Stilwell, and you can’t deny these folks have something you and I probably don’t. They meet with pets who bite, snarl, snap, and yap at everyone in their paths. Soon, these special experts calm the pet and bring it to a place of reasonable interaction.

Pet psychics, the ones not simply focused on making a name for themselves and a bucketful of money, first use physical cues to understand an animal’s behavior. Watch your pet. You can tell, if you pay attention, when he’s nervous, happy, worried. Hackles rise. Ears change position. Eyes open wider, or they narrow. Such physical cues allow anyone to tune in, and a psychic goes further, using a variety of techniques.

A pet psychic will clear her mind, slow her breathing, and reach out for a taste of the animal’s energy. From what I’ve learned, animals’ energy is easier to read than human energy, because their brain function is simpler, their lives less complicated. So the psychic reaches and waits until her energy connects to the pet’s. Some pet psychics say that you can see a dog or a horse react to such a connection. Tails wag suddenly, ears perk up, or the dog even approaches the psychic.

It would be a stretch for me to believe an animal psychic receives word patterns, sentences that tell her the dog or cat’s thoughts. Pets have vocabularies, but they probably don’t arrange their thoughts in human guise. It’s more likely that the messages or interactions come in pictures and images.

The psychic continues to strengthen the connection and wait patiently for a train of thought connected to the problem or issue. The psychic’s ability to interpret plays a part. A practitioner on the up-and-up will limit interpretation to exactly what he reads in the animal. A not-so-legit reader may embellish so the pet owner gets enough bang for his buck. As with all things, let the buyer beware.

I wouldn’t choose any kind of practitioner through the phone book, or cold off the Internet. Do some research if you need such services. Ask people you trust. Consult your spiritual practitioner or psychic advisor. Ask your vet.

Demi Moore believes that a psychic found her dog. A Mississippi law enforcement official believes a famous TV pet psychic helped him. Media coverage of pet psychics is everywhere. If you live with a pet, you know that animal has feelings and thoughts. Is it such a stretch to think psychic talent can tap into that energy?

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One thought on “Pet Psychics: How Can They Really Help?

  1. PJ Davis

    I had to give up my 2 four year old English Bulldogs, the loves of my life, because of the rules of my condo association. We found them an incredible home with a young couple. It didn’t take this couple long to fall totally in love with them! I am so curious to know how they feel about me giving them up. I’m so lonely and lost without them. I waited six weeks before I asked to visit. I was so conflicted as to visit or not to visit. I went to visit and walked into the house and remained low key and quiet. The male dog was always a Mama’s boy with me and now he is like that with his new Mom. The female dog is very hard to read. She had a small cast on her back leg because she chewed her foot raw. She had never done this before. I need for them to give me a sign that they are okay. I’d like to visit again if they are okay about it. Anyone have some suggestions? I live in Dover, NH. THANKS


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