Are You a Child of the Pisces Age or the Aquarius Age?

Today’s Perfect Parnership

Do you prefer techno music or something more romantic? Do you rely more on your intuitive side or your ability to gather data before making a decision? A changing of astrological ages (between Pisces and Aquarius) is in process right now, reflected in all of us. Whether or not you consider yourself an Aquarian or a Pisces, it’s in your chart, and we all need to integrate both of these Aquarian and Piscean parts of ourselves to be effective in this world. What this means is that we need to learn how to make our amazing technology and our rich and vital interaction with each other, our planet and our universe work together. An example of this partnership would be the tremendous hit film Avatar. A precursor to this that has inspired our musicians of today is the art of using the recording studio as an instrument itself, begun by George Martin and the Beatles, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, Quincy Jones and Phil Spector.

On a personal level, Aquarius and Pisces rule how we express ourselves and share this with others. These influences are something working within each of us as well as outside us, and we each have our own strengths. Once you realize which is stronger in your chart, Aquarius or Pisces, then you can work to contribute what you have to offer, along with connecting with someone reflecting the other important Age we are facing. Maybe you will make this happen within yourself, or you might first find this balance in a loving relationship.

While you may be identified as an Aquarius, a Pisces, or neither, you will naturally be seeking a balance for this part of your chart in order to do well in the world today. If you are like most of us in “sensory overload” (Aquarian) or are confused by your conflicting emotions (Pisces), you may want to dig deeper within yourself or “bounce off” another, like a friend or a psychic, to find your balance, as this area of the sky is about finding the nurturing water of love that knows no boundaries, flowing through us and all around us.

How can you tell that you’re a Child of Aquarius? Consider whether you’re a high-tech, data based person. Today Aquarius, the water bearer of old, provides a “flood” of information for humanity to consider and choose what we wish to share with others. If you’re a “techie” who loves to be online and organize groups, you’re probably seeing yourself in this description. Our Aquarius rising President Obama, who insisted on tweeting, etc. when he took office, is a marvelous example of this new age. Yet this flood of amazing information needs to be filtered through the “Wise Fishes of Experience,” Pisces, as our president must do.

As the final (12th) sign of the “hero’s journey” of experience, Pisces is known as intuitive, creative and sensitive – it has experienced the process of life. It is seen as a pair of fishes eternally linked by a “sacred knot,” or soul mates. Pisces must be inspired to function by the upper fish, yet it must swim the waters of humanity, knowing the pain and glory, before it can express in its wonderful art, music and mythic stories to inspire humankind.

Do you listen to your dreams before you move ahead? Do you view all the people that the gifted Aquarian can draw together to their network of connections and conversation as your precious family? Then you’re a Child of Pisces, and you need to work with your Child of Aquarius business associates, friends and lovers to make your life the best that it can be. Whether you’re the artist who needs technology to share your voice, or a loving individual who wishes to flow through a wonderful network of partnerships, you’re the Child of Pisces seeking your Aquarian counterpart.

So, sensitive Pisces, that Aquarian-type yearns for your magical creativity, and needs you as a partner to feel loved and admired. This is a magical union for today’s world.

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4 thoughts on “Are You a Child of the Pisces Age or the Aquarius Age?

  1. Louise McKelfresh

    I am sometimes a Aquarius and others a Pisces. I have been dancing with a Taurus and we have many things in common,but I keep telling my self I am too old to be thinking of a new partner.

  2. Alberto

    I agree about the mirror, Nik, it’s what got me ilnvvoed in astrology in the first place! I was trying to be that person in the mythical middle and astrology helped me to see that I did not have to be. And yes, it’s the approach to astrology that makes me angry, not astrology itself. But, I don’t think it’s Lazy astrologers. Many people move and urge others towards this middle ground without even realizing it. Look at most of the standard astrology books, and you see it. Since astrology is what helped me to see that I was a complex, unique individual, it makes me angry when I see it being used to urge others to be more generic.

  3. Leisha Gibbons

    Well im an aquarius child 🙂 I will say im very emotional and I can constantly hear my heart beat rapidly. At times I’d feel I need to rebel or closed up. But thanx to my besty who did some ritual energy house cleansing I feel more at peace with myself ( I believe it made a difference).

    My mum is a pisces and dad is aquarius ( he born 4 days apart from me). They get along very closely.


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