A Sensual Moon Inspires

Sensuality will reign in love if tempers are kept in check this week. See what the cosmos have in store for you during an erotic full moon (Thursday). Saturday heats up desire while ideas and insight thrive on Monday. Find these tips and more in this week’s Weekly LuvCast from astrologer Cortney Litwin.

October 20 -26, 2007

Libra: Love dances with fantasy on Saturday, but make sure your words match your actions. Romance has a dreamy aura on Sunday. Watch impulsive spending on Monday. Communications are intense at work on Tuesday, and a disgruntled coworker may confront you on Wednesday. Create a dazzling ambiance and throw a party around the time of Thursday’s full moon. Getting outdoors with your sweetie deepens your sensual connection on Friday!

Scorpio: A serene ambiance at home inspires love on Saturday – be creative! Love talk soars on Sunday when your eloquence heats up passion. A spontaneous romantic rendezvous can heighten the sexual sizzle between you and your partner on Monday. Stay centered during Wednesday’s upheaval. Thursday’s sensual full moon promises a sexy tryst! A rendezvous with your sweetie is divine on Friday.

Sagittarius: A bewitching love letter or poem can inspire love on Saturday! Confusion may arise in other communications, however. Entertaining at home brings out your whimsical side on Sunday. Interactions at work are chaotic on Monday. Tuesday night is hot! Conflict turns passionate on Wednesday, if you don’t let anger run away with you. Thursday’s full moon energizes your work projects. Intimacy escalates on Friday.

Capricorn: You’re likely to meet a potential friend or lover who shares your spiritual ideals on Saturday. Mind and heart mix nicely on Sunday – express your desires! Your brainy brilliance shines on Monday, so promote your ideas. A friend offers insights on Tuesday. Wednesday is abrasive. Thursday’s full moon revs up passion and heightens your creativity! You magnetism skyrockets on Friday – socialize!

Aquarius: Your mystique draws admirers on Saturday! You may need some time out from socializing to get centered. Love and your past intermingle on Sunday. A sudden insight hits you on Monday. Family communications are emphasized on Tuesday. You’ll struggle to be heard/understood on Wednesday. Thursday’s full moon energizes entertaining at home. Love is instinctual rather than intellectual on Friday!

Pisces: Partying with friends revs up your imagination on Saturday! Express your wit and wisdom to inspire romance on Sunday. You’re feeling fickle or restless on Monday – be open to an emotional breakthrough. Learning something new on Wednesday can assist your future direction. Wednesday is emotional. Thursday’s full moon brings out your eloquence, so express yourself! Passion is earthy and soulful on Friday.

Aries: Saturday is all about friends, film and fantasy – but avoid people who indulge in substances. Talking about your past on Sunday can lead to a breakthrough in love. Hidden desires (or an admirer) emerge on Monday. Talk turns sexy on Tuesday night, when you’re hot for an adventure! Watch your temper and be cautious while driving on Wednesday. Thursday’s full moon says look for a moneymaking opportunity. Take love slow and steady on Friday.

Taurus: Love feels surreal on Saturday, so be imaginative! A friend may match you up with a hottie on Sunday. Or, if you’re attached, it’s a great time to talk about your desires with your partner. Relationships are unpredictable on Monday. Partnership communications soar on Tuesday. Watch hasty words on Wednesday. A fabulous surprise may await you during Thursday’s full moon in your sign. Your sensuality skyrockets on Friday.

Gemini: Sharing your vision of the future inspires love on Saturday. Talk is whimsical on Sunday, when your way with words gets you noticed! Show your brilliance at work on Monday. A get-together with friends brings delight on Tuesday night, but a clash with a friend may occur on Wednesday. An exchange with a coworker annoys you on Thursday. A home-cooked meal and intimate atmosphere make romance sizzle on Friday.

Cancer: Sexual fulfillment is illusive on Saturday – talk about your ideals for intimacy. Your wit and humor heat up flirting on Sunday. Love may come from afar or through an unusual source on Monday. On Tuesday, promote your creativity! Irritations (with your boss?) escalate on Wednesday. Thursday’s full moon revs up socializing. Friday is all about spending time with good friends.

Leo: You’ll be either sublimely happy or confused about your relationship on Saturday – seek clarity. A quiet, intimate tryst revs up passion on Sunday! Heed psychic nudges on Monday. A creative ambiance at home is just the thing to ignite love on Tuesday. You may feel off balance on Wednesday. Thursday’s full moon energizes your career projects. A natural setting makes passion sizzle on Friday.

Virgo: Focus on healthy sensuality (hiking? biking? spa?) on Saturday. Communications with your partner can inspire and clarify your relationship on Sunday. Romance is thrilling (out of control?) on Monday. Sexy talk heats up passion on Tuesday. Negative people can throw you off balance on Wednesday. Love can come from afar during Thursday’s full moon. Also, heed your intuition about your future. Love soars on Friday, so plan a romantic tryst!

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