Aphrodisiacs and Elements

Aphrodisiacs have long been a tool for seduction. But far beyond oysters and champagne, Love Potion Number 9 and Spanish Fly, there are everyday things you can use to lure your love – and of course, you can do it by sign!

Hint: read up on your mate’s Venus and Mars as well as their Sun Sign to get the most accurate guide!

Air signs
Whether it’s in the unorthodox ideals of Aquarius, the talkative intellectualism of Gemini or the justice loving side of Libra, Air Signs are the heady sort, so it follows Air aphrodisiacs can be culled from accessing the different sense centers of their brains.

If your love is a Libran, seduce them with a harmonious atmosphere created with scent – sandalwood, vanilla, lavender and other calming oils (released straight into the air via aromatherapy or incense). This will put them at ease and open their pleasure centers, not to mention creating a pleasing environment which these beauty-lovers will adore. Similarly, if an Aquarian has your attention, try mixing one of these scents (rose is also worth trying) into a massage oil and then rubbing them down. This will awaken their sometimes fickle interest by helping them unwind.

On the other hand (or both, considering that there are always two of them), if it’s a Gemini you desire, kicking back is the opposite of seduction! For the Twins, excitement is an aphrodisiac in and of itself. So get their adrenaline flowing. To stimulate their minds and bodies, why not try a coy verbal exchange of sexual innuendo over cocktails leading to a little PDA? You’ll see how well it works once you get home!

Earth signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the settling down types, so if you want to keep things spicy with these long-term lovers, appealing to their earthy senses is a great way to go. If your penchant is for a perfectionist Virgo, know that nothing will seduce them as much as an eye for detail – in the bedroom and beyond. To combine the two, create a sensuous boudoir where every texture offers something different to the touch (costumes not required, but a bonus!). Not only will Virgo be impressed with your eye for detail, they won’t be able to take that eye off you – the new object of their fixation!

If it’s a Capricorn who’s got you all aflutter, food is the way to go. Put your culinary skills to use (or call in for take out) and the scene is set for seduction. This workaholic will appreciate your desire to sate them, but there’s no steady rule about what you should serve – other than yourself of course! Just pick what your Cap likes. The fact that you remembered will be the real key to getting the goat riled up.

Lastly, if a Taurus is tugging on your heart strings (or other less purely romantic ones), a well-prepared meal may also do the trick. However, the bull is more luxe oriented than cautious Capricorn, so it could get pricey. But the real elixir of love can be delivered by mouth – it’s the compliment. Say them, scream them, whisper them – just mean them, and you’ll make Taurus tingle.

Fire signs
If ever an element were oriented to aphrodisiacs, it would be the Fire signs! Passion, sex, creative energy and spark, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have tastes for the grand – and seducing them comes in grand gestures! Want to turn that Aries on? You don’t have to look further than your wardrobe. Even the intimation of some sort of seduction screams excitement and makes their blood boil. Don’t be shy – black leather and latex will likely do wonders. Lingerie on the ladies, toned abs on the men and your Aries will be fired up!

Meanwhile, Leo is also a fan of the elaborate accoutrement, but their true love potion may cost a bit more. This is the sign for whom oysters and caviar, champagne and dark chocolate were made – the champagne in particular (a good vintage of course)! Never leave your credit card at home.

Lastly, if you’re seeking the affections of a Sag, travel is the aphrodisiac to call on. These adventure seekers like not knowing what’s next and also thrive on physicality. So, hop on a train, plane or into your automobile for a night away (or a month) and you’re practically guaranteed membership in the mile high club (or whatever variation applies).

Water signs
Finally, if you’re ready to ride the waves with a water sign, you’re in luck. These deep, emotional types are easy to touch – almost any aphrodisiac will do! Toughest to crack among them is Cancer, who may be emotionally withholding at first, but will be sexually swayed by any form of romance -no matter how clichéd it feels. Flowers, candy, small thoughtful gestures. Make your Cancer feel loved (or at least doted upon) and you’ll reap the rewards.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a Pisces on the brain, fantasy should be the tool of your trade. These dreamers love to listen to your sexy thoughts, and if you’re too embarrassed to share your own, consider some erotica. Pisces may seem shy, but they rarely are… and they’ll thank you.

Lastly, what would all this talk of seduction be without mention of sexy Scorpio? But for those who dare to plumb the depths of this sultry sign, there is only this advice: think darker, go deeper. The unknown is the aphrodisiac of this mysterious creature. Indeed, nary a stinger will ever say no. You may however, become the object of their obsession!

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