6 Things Not to Do During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is Here—Time to Keep Your Head Down!

Mercury retrograde is a precarious, frustrating time. It can be marked with everything from computer and car breakdowns to interpersonal miscommunications. There’s a reason why, for the astrologically minded, Mercury Retrograde is a dreaded, feared period of the year. It’s a trying time that calls for an extra dose of attention and mindfulness to make sure you don’t fall into chaos!

Here’s a few things NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde in order to avoid undue turmoil.

1. Don’t take things too seriously or personally. During Mercury Retrograde, you’re liable to have missed calls, dropped connections, misinterpreted e-mails and all manner of related communications breakdowns. It’s important to factor for the astrological weather and not take any of this personally. If you have a communications breakdown with somebody, stay patient and don’t automatically assume it’s the other person’s fault.

2. Don’t start new business ventures. It’s too rocky of a time to take big business risks. Keep your plans under your hat until Mercury retrograde passes. Then, and only then, should you start signing contracts, making legal agreements or going on big business pushes (or making any major decisions involving money).

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3. Don’t overtax your electronics or vehicles. This is a major time for electronic breakage. Be very careful with handling items—stay very mindful of how you’re interacting with your environment. Bear in mind that if you’re not extra careful with your stuff, you may end up with broken gear on your hands.

4. Don’t lean on the details. If you schedule meetings, they’re likely to hit snags. If you try to get things in writing and nail down the details, you’re going to be frustrated. Navigating Mercury retrograde is a process of learning to surf chaos and, similarly, learning to let go of everything you can’t control. This is a powerful lesson to take from this time: Stop trying to control everything, and let the universe handle things.

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5. Don’t make major purchases or pay for major repairs. Since things are in an extreme state of flux, you’re liable to end up making bad purchases, ending up with broken stuff, exacerbating already bad conditions or otherwise ending up with things going against the plan. Save up your impulse buys, and if you can put off that repair, do so. There shouldn’t be a need to rush into huge decisions anyway—learn the lesson of patience.

6. Don’t stay complacent. Just because it’s Mercury retrograde, this doesn’t give you an excuse to hide under the covers. Take this time to go within and seriously consider your plans, directions and overall path in life. That self-awareness will pay off in boosted clarity when Mercury goes direct and you push your plans out into the world.

Though Mercury retrograde can be a trying time, it also brings an abundance of lessons: take the chance to gain a bit of self-awareness, patience and clarity about what you’re doing. Ceasing to rush around and learning to sit down and think about where you’re going can be Mercury retrograde’s greatest gift. Take advantage of it, and get ready for better results when Mercury goes direct!

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