4 Planets in Pisces

A Pisces quartet revs up sexy fantasies, spiritual activities, artistry and intuition throughout March 2009. The Sun and Uranus are currently in Pisces, which heighten creativity, spontaneity and innovation. Then Mercury and Mars join the party on March 8 and 14, respectively. Mercury accelerates psychic hunches and imaginative ideas, while Mars heightens the fantasy factor in the bedroom.

All together, this sensitizing foursome can light up your unconscious to empower whatever you envision. Pisces is the sign of dreams, after all. Pisces allows you to expand beyond your boundaries to envision what could be. As such, you may need an occasional reality check this month. And if you’re psychically sensitive, you’ll need to take some quiet time to get centered.

Pisces also rules divine Inspiration. Artists who are attuned to the sign of Pisces can channel spiritual energies from other dimensions and manifest them as art, music or literature. With such an intense grouping of Pisces influences this month, creativity should kick into high gear for many folks. Spiritual activities are also favored, especially if they involve meditation and dream analysis. What’s more, the Sun-Uranus conjunction on March 12 will accelerate psychic energy that can be used for art, healing, spiritual guidance and innovation. Similar opportunities can be found during the Mercury-Uranus conjunction on March 21. Inspired (or shocking!) communications may take you by surprise as well.

The Elements:

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces get an infusion of romance that fires up passion. For Cancer, the focus is on deepening the spiritual/sexual connection of their relationship. Taking a class or going on a trip for two can inspire love. Scorpio is especially creative in the boudoir – and in other areas as well, making it a good time to promote creative projects. Pisces is especially magnetic. They feel empowered to speak their mind and heart and take action on their dreams.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn experience heightened intuitive guidance and spiritual connections in love. For Taurus, socializing can bring in new friends, a romantic prospect or a career opportunity. It’s time to dream big! Virgo may find that intense discussions with their partner lead straight to the bedroom. Even arguments can bring both fun and insights. For Capricorn, your gut hunches guide you in romance and in other areas. Speak from the heart to inspire love.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius need to listen to their inner voice, especially in matters concerning work, money and health. For Gemini, their intuition can guide them toward a fulfilling career. Networking with colleagues can bring professional opportunities and perhaps a romantic interlude as well. Libra feels the need to help those less fortunate, and to improve their diet and exercise routine. Love can be found through service-related activities. Aquarius may be guided to moneymaking opportunities, but they’ll need to check the facts carefully. A gift or gesture from the heart can heighten romance.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius need to slow down enough to heed the subtle spiritual energies that guide them. Meditation and dream analysis can bring insights. Aries feels the need for some quiet time to recharge and meditate on their direction. Love blooms in a serene environment. For Leo, intimacy heats up if they’re sensitive to their lover’s signals. It’s time to eliminate negative emotional patterns, too. For Sagittarius, creating a pleasing home ambiance, perhaps through feng shui, brings satisfaction. Entertaining for two can bring delight as well.

So throughout the month, take some quiet time to let yourself imagine your dream job, dream mate, dream home, whatever you want. Then heed the inner guidance that comes to you. Just remember, though, you’ll need to take some practical steps eventually to make your dreams come true.

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