Ask Your Spirit Guides: Strengthening Her Gift

Frannie in Vancouver, Canada, writes;

Hello, I have had psychic experiences all my life and am now working to strengthen this gift, but to no avail. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say “no avail,” but perhaps I am growing impatient with my lack of progress in this area and in life in general. The more I work on meditation or on my career, the more frustrated and worn down I become, which often perpetuates more obstacles. I feel that some type of forces have held me back from succeeding in my endeavors. My dreams have been about losing everything, not just objects, but loved ones. Do you have any advice on my present dilemma?

Dear Frannie,

Actually, your psychic gifts seem to be in excellent working order, but as can happen to anyone, you’ve misunderstood the intent of your obstacles.

Your dreams, Guides and Higher Self have been trying to help you solve your dilemma for quite a while, but because — like most of us in our Western culture — you’ve been trained that “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” you credited your difficulties to insufficient effort or a failing on your part. Far from it!

Your Guides first want to you understand that when you have to expend tremendous effort to make any progress at all, whether in career or in meditation, you are either headed in the wrong direction or you’re using the wrong technique or route to achieve your purpose.

It’s as though your life is a boat, and you’re madly trying to paddle upstream against a strong current. As long as you’re battling the current, no matter how hard you work, you’re not going to make much progress. But if you allow your “life-boat” to turn and begin to move with the natural stream of your life energy, the flow emanating from your Soul’s evolutionary intent, things will get easier for you. Life force rarely moves in a straight line. Its currents shift and eddy in response to outer events and inner unfolding. Your job is to stay alert to the changing currents and to use your intelligence and gifts to observe the shifts and navigate quickly and safely to your next destination.

Your Guides specifically suggest that you make a change in your career. You need to exercise your professional skills and personal gifts in a new arena, perhaps with a different organization, or in support of a purpose which is more closely aligned with your values. Your dreams about losing everything are your Guides’ attempts to get you to shift your direction in time to avoid the kind of crash that can happen when people steadfastly resist the tides of change.

The best ways to learn to ride the flow of your life energy are to a) stop struggling, b) ask your Higher Power, Angels or Guides for help and guidance, and c) be alert for and ready to respond to signs.

Good luck, Frannie!

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