Your Numerology Forecast: Nothing to Distract You

This is the week to take full advantage of the innovative, entrepreneurial energies of this Universal 1 Month. There’s nothing to distract you from what you want to change or create in the here and now! Not only is the challenging and disruptive astrology so prevalent in the past couple of months quiet all week, there’s even a harmonious connection between Venus (love, personal values) and Pluto (profound transformation) to help boost your depth of insight and personal progress.

More than any other month this year, July — and this week in particular — is the time to activate and actualize ideas and projects that have been waiting for the right moment. The Universal 1 Month is about new ideas, acts of independence, growth, promotions, new leadership, and developing plans of action. It’s a great time to open new businesses and form committees, a fertile ground for inventiveness, and an especially effective time to work alone, if that is what’s needed.

It’s also the last week (for about 30 years) of Saturn’s journey through analytical Virgo. Let Virgo’s ability to notice what’s out of whack, what falls short of ideal, to help you put final touches on the structure of any projects you want to launch.

Monday: The week kicks off with the powerful, transformational Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4). Coupled with the Monday through Thursday benevolent connection between Venus and Pluto (transformation emanating from clear, deeply felt personal values), this is an ideal day to approach your life structures creatively and change them to better house your future.

Tuesday: This Universal 5 Day brings the gift of spontaneity, freedom, and innovative thinking. 5 Days are also especially good for breaking routine to discover what’s been hidden under the humdrum.

Wednesday: Caring, problem-solving 6 rules the day, giving you the urge to join community events or to gather your favorite people at home.

Thursday: Universal 7 Days can be a bit jittery if you’re already in a high-stress situation, but can be very productive if you know the key. Focused, careful analysis will not only calm you, it will produce amazing results!

Friday: The powerful drive of this Universal 8 Day, teamed up with the Universal 1 Month and the Venus-Pluto connection, makes this a day of potent, expansive potential, especially in business.

Saturday: Indulge your feelings today! Universal 9 Days are about more than humanitarian projects and compassionate concerns; they’re also the best day of the week for romance. Thinking of starting a new relationship? Do it today!

Sunday: The double dose of charisma and startup energy inherent in this Universal 1 Day in a 1 Month shouldn’t be wasted! What do you want to start? Where do you need new ideas? Use these energies to make a quantum leap forward.

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