Ask Your Spirit Guides: A New Pet, a Familiar Spirit

Do you believe that when a beloved family member passes away, that part of their spirit or soul can return to us as a new found pet? My dad passed last year and my beloved pet passed this year. I was led to a breeder who had a litter born on the same day my cat passed away. When I held one of the kittens, I felt an instant connection, familiarity, and a knowing when I held two other new born kittens from different litters. I am taking all three kittens because I believe they came back to be together and to be with me. What is your feeling about this?

Thank you,
Patricia in Connecticut

Dear Patricia,

Well, I can certainly feel the delighted “reunion” energy which surrounded your meeting with these kittens! They are definitely old friends of yours.

However, I have never encountered an animal (so far, at least) which was human in its immediate former lifetime … or in any former lifetime. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible, simply that I haven’t encountered it.

Also, while some of what I’ve read about reincarnation implied that animals could evolve into human incarnations, none seemed to think that evolution would go the other direction, except perhaps as karmic backsliding for bad behavior. But that’s old thinking, and I can’t imagine any of your three sweeties having any purpose other than to provide delight and companionship. The idea that part of a soul could branch off for a separate incarnation is also new to me.

I do, however, firmly believe, based on both personal and professional experience that animal friends do reincarnate to be with us again. That’s what I think is going on with your kittens. Since the pet who passed this year is not hanging around in your energy field, and since there’s one kitten who seems to have led the stampede to your lap based on its instant recognition of you, I think one contains the spirit of your old pet. Also, at least one of the other kittens used to belong to someone you knew rather than to you.

As for your dad, he’s right there in your energy field, providing devoted, Spirit Guide support. So it seems unlikely that he also partially reincarnated as one of your kitties.

He does want you to know that he is there to help you however he can, and seems to want to make up for what he feels were earlier failings as a father. He and your other Spirit Guides can draw people and opportunities to you, find ways to bring helpful information and ideas to your attention, and generally make your life easier. Just talk to him, (in your head or aloud) and ask for help, insights, and any other guidance you wish. You seem to already be good at getting signals in return.

May your bundle of kittens bring you (and each other) great joy.

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