Guardian Angel Telepathy

I don’t know when they began, but for years now I have been receiving what I assume would be called Clairvoyant insights. They seem to be completely random in their timing and highlight something coming up in my life over the little while (two weeks to six months into the future). They have been 100% accurate, which in itself is makes me a little uncomfortable, because I have no idea where this information is coming from or why. How does information about future events hit me before they happen? The information is generally uplifting, but I have also been warned about difficult times ahead.

I receive the information as an interruption of my current thought process. I will be involved in something — it could be work, walking down a street or driving a car and I will have my thought process interrupted by a moving wave of information. This information seems to pass through my brain. Its almost like listening to a radio station, when for a moment or two, that radio station is interrupted by another station as the frequencies cross. The information comes as words and sometimes (but not very often) as glimpses of images. It tells me something specific about the future.For example, last year I was working on my business and on that particular day, a deal fell through that I was counting on for the end of the month. Completion of the deal meant a lot to me, because I was traveling at the time. If it fell through it meant that I would have to end my travels immediately and return to my home country — which I did not want to do. The deal fell apart about 6 days before the end of the month. Needless to say, I was rather upset that day, because I was going to have to make an immediate change in plans due to this. As I was sitting thinking about it that evening, I was hit with one of these insights. It was a voice and phrase that passed through my head. When these interruptions occur they are very recognizable and defined. The phrase simply said, “You’ll be a very happy fella by the beginning of July”. Fortunately for me, July was the beginning of the next month. I took note of it — but the odds of anything saving my month business wise looked very remote at that point. What I noted as interesting also is the word, “fella”. It’s not something I have ever used in my vocabulary. It’s actually an old fashioned phrase.  A word my mother (who passed away many years ago) would have used.

Amazingly enough — over the next week, new business dealings came together that put me right back on track to where I wanted to be — and those events were extraordinary because under normal circumstances, the odds of all that coming together so fast was extremely low. I felt like a thousand pounds was lifted from my shoulders. At the beginning of July I was indeed, “one happy fella”, because it kicked off one of the best summers ever! That is just one example of many.

I don’t know how I developed this ability and sometimes worry that I will receive very bad information and not have the power to do anything about it. As I have said though, most of the information highlights important changes and at times give me a newfound sense of hope and excitement.

25 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Telepathy

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  3. hpasion

    Hello Aaron!!

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  4. hpasion

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    i will retired? Will i become rich middle income person and my wife too untill we booth retired?


  5. hpasion

    Dear Aaron

    The last time that we SEX with my wife last june 6 2010, Is there any coming intimacy sex with her
    pretty soon.

    Is she aggressive now than before the last time

    Love and prayers


  6. hpasion

    Hello Aaroon!

    Is my wife is still be my Payee in the Social Security for my Disability Benefits/ Is she helping me financially
    at this anytime. Is she going to help me to fill up the form monday july 26, 2010 . Will i be qualified for SSI

    She is still my loving and forgiving wife to me?

    Love and Prayers


  7. hpasion

    Hello AAron!

    Will i still find a job eventhough Iam Disable/ Is my marriage last for richer or poorer and sickness and in
    health/ I there any change in the relationship that we have right now? Right now we still making good and renew and reunited right is this relationship will continue forever! I hope you can advice a simple things to be reckone with.

    Love and prayers

  8. Hope

    About two weeks after the birth of my daughter I had this awful sense that I was going to have to be responsible for this little human life for the rest of her life. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. It went away after about a week. Well at the age of 25 my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor which has left her partially paralyzed, unable to drive or work and has problems with walking, speech and vision.
    Another time in the middle of the night I suddenly had this overwhelming sense of sadness and a feeling that I was never going to see my daughter again. I just had to go to her room and spend the rest of the night lying next to her. Then 2 months later her father passed away.

  9. connie

    i have had the same type of premonitions or day sha vous whatever they are.,and the most devastating one was of my 22 year old son dying somehow, i could see myself screaming in a cemetary, and 2 days later, he died in a cemetary in a car wreck. i thought because i was thinking about something like that made it happen.but i have had many of these kind of feelings, this was the only really bad one.

  10. Hilario

    Almost a year now that we havenot SEX with my she is not satisfied with one men please advised me
    what to do what makes her attract to me again for the the first time we met when we get married she
    cheating on me she is 48 years ols now we dont have a baby iam 51years old Is there chance this marriage
    will work out now any time please help me!!! Iam pleading my problem to you

    sincerely yours

    Hilario and Felina Pasion

  11. Doreen

    We live in the 1 % realm of physicality. Your insights are coming from the 99% spiritual realm, the world of endless Light and certainty. It is not impossible to tap into this vast source of knowledge. Many people who are at a higher level of consciousness do, as you are experiencing. Should you like to eliminate chaos from your life and embrace ever lasting fulfillment, I would encourage you to study Kabbalah. You can be of any faith or background/belief system. Kabbalah teaches you the tools to connect with the endless Light and gives you the ability to rid your life of doubt, fear and chaos. It has effectively helped me to change my life for the better and I’ve seen it work miracles in other peoples lives as well. It will help you hone your gifts.

  12. Lily

    To Hilario

    Your soul-mate is someone that understands you more than anyone else. It’s like the both of you already know what the other is thinking even before saying it. It’s such a nice feeling to meet and be even married to your soul-mate. You are very fortunate! Treasure it!

    I was not given to opportunity to be with my soul-mate. God only lend him to me for a while to teach me something. But even though his not here anymore I still feel that connection. I’m very happy for both of you and your wife.

  13. Ranae

    To Jan Dougherty,
    Don’t worry about the material. If a second one is meant to be, It will come. And everyone will be pleased.

  14. starlite1971

    well you are very in toon don,t make the same mistakes i have over the years. sometimes i thought the thoughts were my subconcious making me doubt but it was a guide and i made many wrong chioces

  15. m

    I am glad to hear I am not the only one. Sometimes I get freaked out with this “ability”. Do you know if there is away to fine tune this ability.

  16. Jan Dougherty

    A couple of years ago a similar thing happened to me. I had never written any fiction. Of course I read a lot of books of various topics for entertainment. Fragments of a story and dialog kept inserting themselves into my consciousness, very much like a radio station that drifts to another frequency. I was able to stop the repeats by putting them down on paper, but then new ones appeared. I decided to organize them into a time line and junk all the scraps of paper. I put them in a word program and ended up with a 200 page book which I self published (cheaply) just to get rid of it. But my “co-author” never left, and many of those who read the first one, want a second one. Comments were made as to: “How do you know all this stuff?” “How much of that was real?” “When’s the next one, I read it three times”. My “co-author” is enthusiastic, but I am feeling pressure to make the second one better. Comments anyone?

  17. Hilario

    My wife and i strong psychic ability i feel it in my center of my temple head she always send a telepathy
    messages in my forehead she will be guardian angel soulmates forever

    love n prayesrs

    hilario and felina pasion

  18. Madonna

    Dear Aarron,
    That happens to me alot too! When it happens to me, it is usually when good changes are coming my way,
    or when a relief of worrying is about to end.

    Thanks for the input,

  19. Hilario

    I feel a telepathy in mycenter of my fore head always i feel very strong connection of esp between me and my wife / my question is she my soulmate forever?

    Hilario and Felina Pasion

  20. Yvonne

    I know how you feel, I thought I was going crazy when this happened to me, you should not fear this gift, you can learn to work with it.
    Greetings from South Africa

  21. lonnie5185Lonnie

    Hello Aarron!

    Nice to reda your experiance sound like great joy and good stuff for you.Hope and exctment is always good for all of us!!



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