The Meaning of a Tiger Sighting

The Meaning of a Tiger Sighting

Your Primal Instincts and Emotions

Unless you’re visiting a zoo, wildlife sanctuary or on safari, you’ll never experience a tiger sighting in person. However, that doesn’t mean this majestic creature can’t be your totem or spirit animal. You can still harness tiger energy!

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Having tiger energy comes in handy and a tiger sighting reminds you to stay the course, be vigilant, and remain steady. Tiger energy will also force you to tackle obstacles and meet deadlines. It reminds you that you have the fortitude and willpower to do so on a consistent basis.

Tiger Symbolism

Whether the tiger is your totem animal, spirit animal or both, tiger sightings represent a complex mix of traits. These traits include determination, patience, fierceness, persistence, confidence, and observance. Does that sound like you or someone you know?

The Tiger as Your Spirit Animal

If you feel a deep connection to a tiger sighting, it probably means the tiger is your spirit animal. And if that’s the case, then you’re probably aware of both its positive and negative energies. For example, tiger energy may help you become aware of what triggers you—both positively and negatively. Sexual tension is a good example because it can be either positive or negative.

Aggression, on the other hand, is an example of negative energy. If someone is aggressive towards you it triggers a feeling of aggression within you. That’s a sign your tiger is coming to the surface. The same holds true when it comes to confrontation and unpredictable events. Provoking could cause your inner tiger to act unpredictably. Harnessing these emotions and learning how to deal with them is definitely part of your journey. After all, you’re really not a wild animal. You’re a human who holds traits similar to a wild tiger.

On the positive side, having the tiger as your spirit animal indicates personal strength. This can come in handy when learning to deal with difficult events or situations. You can learn how to overcome obstacles and even get around them. The positive power of your tiger spirit can also indicate vitality, strength, and sexuality.

The Tiger as Your Totem Animal

Call upon your tiger totem when you need courage, strength, and confidence. As a tiger, you blend in well with your surroundings. You can be charming in group situations too. However, you also need to retreat to recharge your batteries. Tigers need to get away from the crowd and find a bit of solitude.

The tiger totem can be solitary in thought as well. Once you make your mind up, convincing you otherwise is practically, if not definitely, impossible. You also have the ability to find balance in all you do. This is an ability you can perfect with time and life experience. When it comes to wisely using your time, energy, and resources, tiger totem power will empower you and uplift you.

The Tiger in Chinese Astrology

The tiger in Chinese astrology is unpredictable. Graceful yet forceful, brave, and sometimes cruel, the tiger must balance itself. Tigers can be strong and strong-willed, and they tend to hold a lot inside.

In relationships as well as in life, tigers are extremely independent. They like a challenge and live for the victory. They also need someone who is their equal—mentally, physically, and for some, spiritually. A tiger sighting is also a reminder to maintain independence while also feeling the security of a solid and steady union. The Chinese zodiac tiger also possesses a natural magnetism.

Seeing a Tiger in Dreams

Dream symbolism is often an indication of what’s going on in your life. Some say it can also predict things to come. An aggressive tiger sighting in your dreams means you may be facing challenges and aggression from others. If a tiger is chasing you in a dream it can mean you’ve been running away from what’s making you uncomfortable. In this case, the message may be to summon your inner tiger so you can turn and face those emotions.

If you kill a tiger in your dream, it can be similar to “slaying a dragon.” You’re conquering fears and combating negative energies aimed at you. You may also “slay the tiger” as a symbol of conquering any bad habits you have that are not serving your higher good.

Now that you know more about the tiger, are you looking forward to your next tiger sighting?

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  2. Duane Harsh

    The last six months or longer my girlfriend and I been going through some things I feel as if she don’t want to be with me anymore she’s always on her phone if she seeing someone else then I’ll go my own way, something got to give I’m at my wit’s end,thank u for your time Duane harsh

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