Taurus Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2017

Saturn, the thought-provoking taskmaster, has been in your eighth house of shared finances for quite some time, and in that time you’ve likely taken on some fiscal entanglements and responsibilities. In preparation for Saturn’s departure on December 19, consider what monetary obligations you no longer need or that no longer need you. Now is the time to start working on that. The good news is that Saturn always comes to teach us a lesson, and when he leaves he usually leaves a parting gift of sorts—you love gifts. With Libra still in your house of daily work and routines, making money is probably not a problem; your focus should be on keeping it from going back out on frivolous things. As for good old Mercury, the retrograde ends on September 5th bringing a sense of relief around home and family expenses, and by the 9th it will have moved on to the next house.

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