Taurus Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2017

Saturn may be a taskmaster planet, but it’s also a planet that can set things right and provide support in whatever house it occupies. For you, November is the last full month that you’ll have Saturn in your seventh house, where it’s been for the past couple of years. This is the house of partnerships so you may be dealing with eighth-house similarities such as shared expenses, and other people’s money (mortgages, taxes, loans, inheritances, etc.). Saturn figures that by the end of a transit, you’ve taken its cues and suggestions and coped with situations that have taught you to handle things on your own like a professional. Get a filing cabinet and some folders and make a few spreadsheets. Do whatever you need to in order to make your finances accessible and understandable at a glance, especially so close to year-end tax time. After the 5th you’ll have Mercury in your eighth house, which looks more like a social transit than a money-spending one. You’ll have time for both fun and obligations so don’t worry.

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