Taurus Monthly Horoscope

November 2017

On November 5th, Mercury, the messenger with wings on his feet, will move into fun-loving Sagittarius, who is always on the move. Sagittarius represents your eighth house of secret encounters and partnerships as well as things you share with others, and Sagittarius is all about fun and adventure. It will be hard to resist the urge to get out and have a good time. If friends and coworkers don’t make the first move to get the gang together after work and on the weekends, then you will take the lead. Mercury can give you that “YOLO” (“you only live once”) feeling when it’s in this house so there’s little use in trying to resist it. Besides, everything else you’re not tending to can probably wait. The real upside here is that you may find you have more in common with acquaintances and coworkers than you first thought.

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