Taurus Monthly Horoscope

May 2019

Taurus, this is the month to put your romantic plans into action. Venus joins the Sun in your sign May 16th through May 21st. You may have noticed a potential partner early in May. Be bold and ask them to spend time with you during those days. You won’t regret it! A Gemini will be especially Mars-like and sexy in your second sector of money (so check out that new teller at the bank or financial institution).

Single Taureans may have their eye on a lovely Cancer native after Mars enters Cancer on May 18th. This is a sextile relationship between your Sun signs and very compatible! Go for it now after calling an Astrology Psychic to look at your charts in detail.

Partnered Taureans will have deep and productive talks with their significant others May 8th through 21st. Fully fast-moving Mercury will be in your sign giving wings to your thoughts and words. Saturn trining you from fellow earth sign Capricorn will bolster your already solid planning. You both will enjoy the fruits of that solid planning in your future together.

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