Taurus Monthly Horoscope

March 2018

With your ruling planet, Venus, spending most of March in your 12th house, there’s a good chance that any feelings you’ve been keeping to yourself could come out into the open—especially in matters of love. Mercury, the planet of communication will also be in Aries. Aries can be a headstrong sign that doesn’t always exhibit patience. If you’re single, you may be uncharacteristically forward when meeting a potential partner. If in a relationship, this transit could spark a few tense moments between you and a partner. However, we all know that the best part of arguing is the making-up part, and Venus will also lend her sensibilities in this area.
The New Moon in fantasy-loving Pisces could turn any disagreement into a distant memory. Your and Aries share a love of passionate moments, so chances are no matter how the month of March begins, it will end on a good note—a love note.

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