Taurus Monthly Horoscope

December 2019

Go to your sun sign ruler, Venus for guidance through the first three weeks of December. Your dedication to love and natural beauty is put to the challenge of Venus in pragmatic Capricorn. She wants concrete results. Yet, sexy, demanding Mars challenges your new ideas and changing habits. Take a break to find balance. For clarity you could contact a psychic to help you get in touch with your strong spiritual foundation.

Major changes in your inspiration revolve around the protection of children and nature. Listen to your inner voice. Use your innate ability to make your ideas and yourself appealing lovers and friends.

Your sign ruler moves into Aquarius on December 19-20 (depending on your time zone) causing you to want a fresh sense of what love can be and how it can expand. During the Christmas and New Year’s events in late December, make note of your innovative ideas about love and life so that you can share them at home and at work.

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