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Saturday, February 22, 2020

General Overview: The moon in Aquarius activates home and family in your chart; trine Juno it strengthens your intuition and emotional sensitivity making this an ideal day to reach out to the people you care about most. Empathy and compassion are easy to come by, and at the same time the Aquarius Moon gives you the emotional cool you need to show up but not be pulled into any drama. An Aries has advice that will help you make an important decision regarding your work.

Love/Friendship: Uranus activates your seventh house of committed relationships and is sextile the sun, highlighting love and romance in your chart. This is a great time to try something new and exciting if you’re single, or to break out of any boring routines that may plague your relationship if you’re partnered. Freedom, creativity, and unique self-expression are all calling your name right now, and hopefully your relationship is expansive enough to accommodate this transit.

Career/Finance: Venus activates work in your chart, and she is square Jupiter making you attractive, optimistic, generous, and very social; opportunities flow your way. At the same time this transit makes hard work and responsibility not particularly interesting. It’s fine to kick back a little bit, just don’t fall into laziness because your co-workers will take strong exception if you do.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Kindness is a super-power so develop yours. Like x-ray vision, it pays off in unexpected ways so look for opportunities to practice and extend your best self into the world.

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