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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

General Overview: A high-energy day is in store. It will feel good to power through and get things done. A vigorous workout could also be exhilarating. A Scorpio could make an excellent exercise buddy. They won’t take excuses when you’re ready to quit.

Love/Friendship: With the moon in attention-seeking Leo, you’ll get a thrill when someone has their eyes on you. It’s gratifying to be noticed, but is it for the right reasons? The moon’s aspects to Venus and Jupiter suggests that it could be more about what you have than who you are or what you do. Beware of the gold digger!

Career/Finance: You’ve been on the sidelines for a while. Driven Mars entering your sign gives you the green light to get back in the game. Before you charge ahead, take a moment to consider what you’re after. Through early January, you’ll have the energy and motivation to take on challenging projects. It’s go time!

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You feel like you can do anything when you’re this fired up. Be conscious of where you direct your energy rather than doing something just because you can. There is power in purposeful action. Go for what you desire most.

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