Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

October 2019

Late October could feel a little damped-down to you, Sagittarius, with your twelfth house holding many of the planets. No problem. Your huge and powerful ruler, Jupiter, is direct in its domicile and will counteract any negation that could occur. Jupiter has about a month more to transit through your sign and it wants to strew blessings all over the place. October opens and closes with the moon in your sign, so the very first and very last of the month will be special power days.

Partnered Sagittarians will especially enjoy the Full Moon energies in friendly Aries midmonth when it will be a mini fire fest from October 13-15. Plan a romantic occasion then, just for the two of you. It will be memorable!

Single Sagittarians will love the sextiling romantic sun, Venus and Mercury from Libra the first few days of the month. They will be very good days for new contacts and dates. Your Love Psychic has the inside story.

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