Sagittarius Monthly Money Horoscope

March 2018

Once again, we have a month with two Full Moons: one on the first and one on the last day of the month. The first Full Moon will land in Virgo, your house of careers and people in charge. On the same day, the Universe’s two most beneficent planets, Venus and Jupiter, will form an angle to each other that intensifies the moonbeams and gets you noticed by a boss, client or superior. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so there’s nothing different for you to do other than accept the attention and reap its rewards. These rewards, however, may be delayed as Jupiter will retrograde in your house of “stuff going on behind the scenes” on the 8th, but you will eventually get your recognition. Speaking of Jupiter in your twelfth house, you may find that you don’t care so much about that raise or promotion when you’ve got your own action happening behind closed doors.

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