Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

July 2019

Planetary activity is spotlighting your second and eighth solar houses in July, Sagittarius. You will be revamping and revising investments with your mate or partner this month. This focus extends to the intangibles you value. Be sure to collaborate fully with your mate, as this will bring you onto the same page going forward. This doesn’t sound terribly romantic, I realize. You will be pleasantly surprised on July 2 when the sweet sextile between Saturn and Neptune brings ethereal vision to your most practical tasks. You will see how the mundane and practical mix inside your souls’ purposes for being together. Call a Past Life Psychic to understand more clearly the Karmic basis for this mix.
Forever single Sagittarians could decide to become committed to a lover under this influence. With asteroid Ceres transiting your sign, you are experiencing love in grounded and beautiful ways these days. Consult with your Love Psychic for more details.

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