Sagittarius Monthly Money Horoscope

February 2018

With Venus lighting up your house of home on the 10th, followed by Mercury on the 17th, (when the Sun conjuncts Mercury) you may have just moved, or bought a house, or perhaps your just entertaining the idea). If you need to sign a lease, mortgage or some other legal agreement, try to wait until the end of the month. Days to definitely avoid signing on the dotted line are the 17th or the 25th. For someone who is constantly on the go, you’ll find a lot of your concentration centered on home; you may be a traveler but you do love your “place to call home.” However, with Mars in your Sun sign all month, the traveler can’t be caged—even with all the financial focus on home. Don’t fight against your urge to get out and about this month, or you’ll get cabin fever. When you get back you can throw together a spontaneous housewarming party or just a plain old party!

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