Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2019

During the early weeks of December you’re enjoying the boost of energy from the sun being in your sign. Harness that energy to articulate your needs and desires well, and everyone will benefit in the end.

Your sun sign ruler, Jupiter, moves into Capricorn on December 2. This is your second house of finance and values. You’re feeling compassionate and generous as you approach your romantic life. Using Jupiter energy can also benefit your financial situation, adding a nice bit of comfort to your domestic situation.

Mid-month intensifies these feelings and experiences. Recognize that being in touch with both your feminine and masculine sides will help you step into your personal power. Your feminine side is demanding to be included in all communications about your life, as well as your love life. Contacting a Love Psychic can assist you in finding this passion and harnessing it.

Even though both your ruler Jupiter and the sun have left your sign for Capricorn during the last week of this month, Venus is helping you from Aquarius love and personal freedom work together to create transcendent, mutual experiences.

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