Libra Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2018

Like others in the zodiac, pay special attention to the 9th of September when Venus sets off for your second house of cash on hand. As a Venusian, this may tempt you into acquiring some coveted new item for your wardrobe or perhaps purchase the latest beauty booster. However, it’s more likely that you’ll look at your account balances and realize that they could use a makeover of their own. You also have expansive Jupiter in your second house and between the 11th and the 13th both Venus and Jupiter will form some seriously beautiful angles to Pluto (R), Saturn, Uranus, and the Sun. Among them is a rare Jupiter sextile Pluto (R). You may even be fortunate enough to find someone who offers to help you organize your finances near the 12th. Just don’t agree to or sign anything before the 15th. To be sure you’re making the right choices, consult a Money Psychic for advice. Once you’ve committed yourself to rearranging your personal financial life on paper and in spirit, Pluto and Jupiter will work their magic. You may even feel as though you’ve balanced your Libran scales of justice, however, don’t get lazy. You know those scales never stay balanced for long—especially when you’re not paying attention.

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