Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

If you find yourself full of obligations in September that take away from time spent with your lover, only you can fix it. Hopefully, you have a loving and understanding partner who knows how to help you find the balance between love and obligations. If you’re in trouble, however, without letting this get too far, use the Venusian-Jupiter hook-up on the 15th to start your plan of romantic repair. When the Sun moves into your Sun sign on the 22nd, things should lighten up, but you’re not completely out of the woods. With Jupiter still in your Sun sign and rebellious Uranus in your seventh house, the 27th looks like another unpredictable day where you’ll have to lean in towards love. In fact, the last few days of September have the potential to cause tension and reveal even hidden cracks in your relationship if there are any. Keep the faith in love; next month look friendlier.

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