Libra Monthly Horoscope

November 2019

You are in a constant cycle of high energy and a bit of frustration as you work through personal issues in your relationships. With Mars in your first house, representing you and your image to others, this is essential to huge transformational issues.

Your breakthroughs become the foundation for future relationships. For once, allow yourself to be the focus in a relationship. You’re as essential as the other person to your synergy. Look into your partner’s eyes with adoration, seeing yourself in that reflection.

The hardest, yet most satisfying experience in November is learning to let others know your needs without acquiescing. After the first of the month, you’ll feel relief from these challenging, yet satisfying moves forward. There’s a sense of freedom in expressing yourself. With your ruler Venus, goddess of love, joining big-hearted Jupiter in your third house of communications, you can charm nearly anyone, and they’ll see your view.

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