Libra Monthly Horoscope

May 2019

Your ruler, Venus, is running the show with transiting Sun in Taurus joined by Venus on May 16th. However, iconoclastic Uranus is trundling through keeping emotions turbulent and changeable. On the positive side, you will never be stale or boring. No one knows romance like Libra, so keep it light and sweet, and enjoy. Dreamy Neptune further exalts Venus from its station in Pisces bringing ethereal moments of love to both partnered and single Librans this month. Be sure to add fresh flower bouquets and sweet treats galore because goddess Venus loves both! Dress elegantly for nights out or for just staying at home with your mate and you will resonate with the beauty of Venus all month long.

Single Librans: A Past Life Psychic can explain the tingling deja vu you get when you walk by that attractive stranger in that public outdoor setting this month. Follow up with a date if the green light flashes “Go”.

Partnered Librans will find “old” relationships becoming “new “ones this month under the beneficial rays of Venus energies. A Love Psychic can help sort out the “gold” from among the merely glittering possibilities.

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