Libra Monthly Money Horoscope

March 2019

With the full Moon taking place in your sign on March 20, a few of your key hopes and dreams will be likely to manifest. Think back to planning you did two weeks before the full Moon and enjoy the results of your work! You will likely be receiving benefits from your ruler Venus in the sign of its exaltation Pisces. Try not to second guess your good luck and enjoy the influence of reasonable and fair Asteroid Pallas in your sign right now. You are embarking on a journey of attainment with the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius sextiling your sign for a year or so. Saturn in Capricorn resonates with your fine sense of self-discipline and will present no problems for you now. It will, in fact, reinforce your goals. Even heavy Pluto will act in your favor as it is ruled by Saturn, your friend. Give yourself credit. You deserve it now.

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