Libra Monthly Money Horoscope

January 2018

Although January holds many interesting opportunities for investment, it’s the period between January 8 and 16 that holds the most promise, especially for you, Libra. For instance, on the 9th the Sun, Venus, and Pluto will form a conjunction in Capricorn, touching your home life. Conjunctions intensify the power of a planet’s influence, combining forces. Meanwhile, Venus and the Sun both form a sextile to Mars in Scorpio, also known as your house of cash and possessions. Sextiles set planets at 60 degrees apart and are considered beneficial to all planets involved. If there is any deterrent to your investment in your future this month, you may see something pop-up near the 14th when the Sun squares Uranus, according to your Monthly Money Horoscope. The path to success often has a few potholes. It’s all about how we handle them that matters. Clear up any old financial matters that may be lingering from the past, and continue on with your new-found vision for the year ahead. You may need to borrow to do this, but do what must be done in order to get ahead.

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