Libra Monthly Horoscope

January 2018

Being the partnership sign of the zodiac, you don’t always fancy being alone too much, so that’s why January 3 looks like the perfect day to remedy that situation if you’re single. Normally when Venus, your ruling planet, and Neptune get together, it creates the kind of romance that works best in the short term rather than the long-term but this time around Venus is dressed in sensible Capricorn and she’s taking on a more practical tone. The 6th offers another good day for an exciting and ultra-spontaneous adventure in love. If you’re attached, pack a bag for the two of you and head off to an unknown destination for the weekend, stopping whenever the mood strikes. If you’re single, that could be a day when you run into someone from your past, who might just entice you into rekindling some old romantic memories. Being adventurous and open this month is the key to enjoying a few romantic moments that make lasting memories.

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