Gemini Monthly Money Horoscope

January 2018

January will be your first full month with karmic Saturn occupying your eighth house of shared responsibilities and other people’s money that usually involves things such as taxes, mortgages, and even inheritances. When Saturn lives in our eighth house, it’s worth taking notice early by preparing for life’s financial situations like a grownup and making sure you have given yourself financial choices and thought about “what-if” scenarios: What if you lose your job? What if an unexpected expense comes up? It doesn’t have to be a scary thing; it’s just a cosmic reminder that it’s time to check how smart you’re being with your money. Where do you put it? When do you save it? It’s a wise idea to consider the possibilities. As for January, you’re already starting to think about some other things I’ve mentioned, and luckily for you a Full Moon in Cancer (your second house) will spark an idea that makes good financial sense.

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