Gemini Monthly Money Horoscope

December 2017

As the last month of 2017 begins, any financial loose ends should be taken care of on the 6th or 7th of December—right at the beginning of the month. Face the music, rip off the Band-Aid or just clear the decks so that there’s no residual energy left from the past that may creep into 2018. You’ll be able to sigh in relief, especially if it was something you were putting off. You have Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius which sets an almost jovial tone for some serious, money-minded planets. On the 6th Mercury retrograde will conjunct karmic Saturn and both will connect with Mars in “let’s make it legal” Libra. If this clears up an old issue, it’s okay to sign an agreement, but if it can wait until after the 22nd, even better. Mercury is your ruling planet, and no one is more affected by Mercury retrogrades than you and Virgo.

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