Gemini Monthly Money Horoscope

April 2018

As a sign that’s ruled by Mercury, you feel the weight of Mercury retrogrades the most. This could slow you down when it comes to life in general, but especially when it comes to making financial progress. However, when Mercury goes direct again after the 15th, you may hear of a financial opportunity that makes your ears perk up, and you’ll want to pay attention. A friend may present you with an investment opportunity around the 18th when the Sun conjuncts Uranus in your friend zone. Anytime Uranus is involved, the results will be unpredictable, but you’ll likely be intrigued. Speaking of investments, if someone you lent money to has been dodging you, you may want to consult a Missing Persons Psychic to pinpoint their whereabouts. When you locate them, you can use the power of Pluto in your eighth house of shared money to let them know you mean business. Once Pluto begins to retrograde on the 22nd, you should see some favorable results.

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