Capricorn Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2017

Pluto, the planet that shakes things up, will go direct in your Sun sign on the 28th, so if you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut or unhappy with your financial situation since April, know that September is going to break that energy. In the meantime, you have Venus spreading love all over your eighth house of shared money. If someone wants to give you a great opportunity to liven up your bank account, pamper yourself or spend like you haven’t spent in a while, don’t let pride block you. Accept all with a smile. When it comes to couple’s energy, you’ve certainly done your share to contribute to the “family” and Venus wants you to not only be abundant but happy. By the time Pluto starts to station forward, Mercury will move into your 10 house of careers, propelling you to the next level.

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