Capricorn Traits: Restriction and Responsibility

Capricorn Traits: Restriction and Responsibility

Capricorn Traits

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It covers the dates December 21 through January 20. Capricorns have fatherly energy and their ruling planet is known as the “Wise, old man of the Zodiac” or “Father Time.” Being a cardinal sign, Capricorns often find themselves in positions of responsibility when it comes to work and love. Let’s take a deeper look at Capricorn traits!

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Loyal and Negative

Ambition, patience, intelligence, loyalty, and self-control are some of the more positive Capricorn traits. They can also be seen as shy, cold, stingy, and negative.

Self-Reliant and in Need of Security

Capricorns generally enjoy self-reliance, structure, tradition, and family. They tend to dislike unreliability, drama, and disorganization. Capricorns thrive when they feel secure. However, they may need more security than other signs.

Capricorn Traits in Children and Adults

Capricorn children are often shy and don’t like to take risks socially. They prefer to have a small, close-knit group of friends. Capricorn children make loyal friends too, often taking the lead within their group. They can seem older than their years or more responsible than their peers. The older they become, however, the more they seem to relax, take risks, and enjoy life.

When it comes to making friends as adults, Capricorns continue to prefer a small, close group. They are extremely loyal and reliable too. They know how to keep their friends’ secrets and prefer that their friends keep their secrets too. Honesty and intelligence are important qualities as well. Although often viewed as unfeeling, Capricorns can be quite sensitive and nostalgic.

Capricorn Men in Love

A Capricorn man may put off a serious romance until he achieves some of his career or financial goals. He tends to prefer a partner who’s calm, reliable, and practical. However, he may find himself with a partner who is more high-strung than he feels comfortable with.

Capricorn men take their roles as husbands and fathers very seriously. They often feel it’s their duty to provide and guide. They show their affection in practical ways too. They’ll do things for their loved ones that make them feel safe and secure. However, they can go a tad too far and be a bit too strict.

Capricorn Women in Love

Female Capricorns are often self-sufficient and can be slow to open up to a potential mate. They prefer to take their time and really get to know someone before fully engaging their hearts. Once they do, however, Capricorn women make very loyal and loving partners. However, they need someone who will help them tune into their sensitive side and with whom they feel secure. The ability to make a Capricorn woman laugh and relax is a valuable ability.

Capricorn Parents

Both male and female Capricorns make caring parents. However, they can be quite strict. They can also have high expectations for their children but they are very supportive and fair too. They take their parental responsibilities to heart and work to provide a stable environment in which their children can thrive. Family histories and traditions are important to Capricorn parents. They enjoy sharing them in the hopes that they continue.

Famous Capricorns

With their enhanced sense of ambition and their incredible work ethic, it’s no surprise there are many famous Capricorns. Elvis Presley and David Bowie actually share a birthday. Likewise, their birthday buddy, Stephen Hawking, changed our knowledge of the Universe and the way we view our world.

Now that you know more about Capricorn traits, are you thankful for the Capricorns in your life?

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