Capricorn Monthly Money Horoscope

May 2017

Mars in candid Gemini and your sixth house of daily work will be joined by the Sun after the 20th. You could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation at work or at least a situation you’d like to change. If you don’t speak up, how will anyone know? Every problem has a solution, so try to work it out. On a better note, look to May 17 when the Moon will be in Aquarius all day, forming a unique angle to lucky Jupiter in your eleventh house of rewards. This can be an exciting day of chance. Not only is this a day to play games of chance, such as the lottery or perhaps a slot machine, but chance in the bigger, more expansive, Jupiter-like sense. Go for a job you’ve always wanted and ask for that corner office with full-length windows—whatever you want is within your realm of possibilities.

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