Capricorn Monthly Money Horoscope

March 2018

As March begins, you may find yourself on or in the midst of planning a short getaway. As one of the hardest working Sun signs, you deserve a break, even if you decide to make it a staycation. If you are taking time away from work, you probably won’t be bringing money in. However, even if your finances continue to flow, it’s a good idea to stick to cash-on-hand this month rather than the plastic kind of financing, especially around the 23rd when Venus in your house representing home life squares with Pluto in your Sun sign. You may be tempted to buy something pricey for your abode, but do you really need it or just want it? Let your answer be your guide. With Mercury in retrograde at this time, it’s highly likely that you may feel a bit of buyer’s remorse, or worse, have no chance to return items you wish you hadn’t purchased.

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