Capricorn Monthly Money Horoscope

February 2018

February will be a busy and unpredictable month for you, especially when it comes to finances. Usually being busy isn’t a problem, but make sure you take a little time and some of your money to have a little downtime. Get a facial, a pedicure or something that make you feel good and keeps you feeling abundant. You’ll need this so badly because you’ll have the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Aquarius, your second house of money and possessions, not to mention the new moon solar eclipse at the same time. That eclipse is an indication that something on this front is changing. Perhaps you’re changing jobs, or if you freelance, the work isn’t coming in that fast and easy as when you were once overbooked. It may sound negative in a way, but it’s actually positive energy that will get you to focus on the important things in life—friendships being one of them. Turn to a friend to vent or for a favor and they’ll be there.

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