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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: At work and in your downtime, you’ll crave companionship. Everything seems a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable when you have a buddy along for the ride. You and Pisces will be on the same mental wavelength, so you’re bound to get along.

Love/Friendship: You can’t help but fall for a person who gets you. Being seen and heard is reassuring. Affectionate Venus in your social sector aligning with Neptune draws attention to your most special connections. Something that’s shared between you and a friend or acquaintance could ignite deeper feelings. Particularly if you were already wondering if there might be something more between you. Let this vibe settle for a minute, and then determine where things stand.

Career/Finance: As the Libra Sun aligns with your ruler, Saturn, you’ll be in your element with work and money matters. Your masterful approach to these concerns will be super impressive. It lets higher-ups know that you’re the right person to be entrusted with an important assignment. It’s an opportune moment to pursue an opportunity that promises greater financial security. Rewards won’t come overnight. However, what you set into motion could lay the foundation for long-term stability.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Don’t sleep on the benefits of feedback. The Cancer Moon aligning with perceptive Pallas in your communication sector suggests that a conversation with someone who gets you could be a real eye-opener.

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