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Monday, June 27, 2022

Aries Daily Horoscope for Yesterday

General Overview: You could get fired up for all the wrong reasons as the moon aligns with Mars and Eris in your sign and then squares disorienting Neptune. Acting first and asking questions later is the wrong way to go, so resist the impulse. A sensible Gemini can offer clarity.

Love/Friendship: Some may find you too hot to handle as warriors Mars and Eris merge in your sign. You’re on a mission, but what are you hoping to achieve? Anger may arise if you’ve been rejected, excluded, or ignored. You could feel inclined to try and retaliate. Acting from a place of pain will only make things worse. Put the brakes on before you do damage. Think beyond the present moment and consider the long-term consequences of what you say and do.

Career/Finance: You’ll bring confidence and moxie to your collaborative efforts as Mars and Eris align with disciplined Saturn in your house of teamwork. Willpower, drive, and perseverance can give a group project the boost it needs to succeed. Your high-energy vibe will give your colleagues the drive they need to keep going while their grounding aura can help you settle down and finish things to completion. It’s a winning combination!

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Thoughtful Mercury makes contact with wounded healer Chiron in your sign, which may be your saving grace — if you’re willing to talk through a problem. You can resolve a conflict by listening to others and taking the time to explain your thoughts.

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