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Friday, November 15, 2019

General Overview: A morning meeting could go wonky with the moon void of course in changeable Gemini. It will be easier to communicate after the moon moves into sensitive Cancer. An irritable Aries could take your words the wrong way. Do your best not to lock horns.

Love/Friendship: You can’t be wild and crazy impulsive, nor is it wise to tamp down your spirit and not be yourself. It’s a hard call as the intense Scorpio Sun clashes with warrior goddess Eris in your sign. Your whole life is an experiment to find out how free you can be. What you’ve learned is that freely expressing who you are often comes at a price. The people that get you will go along for the ride while more recent acquaintances could find you too volatile to handle.

Career/Finance: Your point of view can’t stand up to the facts when you’re dealing with someone who knows more than you do. Hence, it’s best to avoid a war of words. Staying in your lane can help you stay out of trouble. Take time to get your facts and figures straight so that you’ll know what you’re talking about the next time this conversation comes around.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Everything feels a little raw as the sensitive Cancer Moon squares wounded Chiron in your sign. Make emotional self-care a priority. Spending time around someone who cares about you can be restorative.

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