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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Aries Horoscope: Yesterday

General Overview: First, the moon is full in your sign, and then it goes void of course, ratcheting up your emotions to maximum volume. Dealing with difficult people (like Libra and Capricorn) could be responsible for your crazy mood. Still, it’s up to you to deescalate volatile situations.

Love/Friendship: Emotions are supercharged with the Full Moon in your sign. Add reactive Eris, overbearing Pluto, and your ruler, Mars, to the mix, and it may feel like you’re losing control. With this volatile vibe in play, it won’t take much to set you off. When you get your knickers in a twist, it’s often the people closest to you who bear the brunt of your frustration. Don’t shoot arrows at your partner or friends, even if their actions make you angry. Just chill.

Career/Finance: Managing the moods of a domineering boss or an unreasonable person in your workplace can seem like a Herculean feat. After all, there’s only so much stress that you can deal with. Confrontation is best avoided. There could be consequences to going toe-to-toe with someone who has a hand in your professional destiny. If telecommuting is an option, you would do well to work from home.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You could be oppressed by your own notions, particularly about relationships, as stern Saturn and Juno collide. Reevaluate the relationship and friendship rules you play by and tweak them where needed.

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