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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

General Overview: After a challenging couple of days, the energy is more grounded and stable. Hence, you’ll not only feel confident about what you’re doing, but you’ll also feel excited about what’s ahead. It’s a good day to cash in on past efforts and use what you’ve earned to create a foundation for the future. A Capricorn in your professional circle can teach you a thing or two about holding your ground.

Love/Friendship: Affectionate Venus in Libra dancing with philosophical Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages a broader perspective on love. Someone from a different country, culture, or position on the political spectrum could appeal to you. If you look beyond apparent differences, you’ll find common ground. A friendship with someone outside your bubble could also open your heart and mind to something refreshingly new.

Career/Finance: Today authoritative Saturn ends its long retrograde through your career and reputation zone. In recent months, you learned vital lessons about how to relate to people in power and how to wield your own authority. Going forward, you’ll be better prepared to earn respect and own your seat at the table. Now is the time to establish yourself in your field and work toward achieving an important milestone.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Today’s earthy grand trine helps you gain a strong foothold in the material world. Thus, you can successfully direct your energies toward achieving something that will produce tangible results.

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