Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

March 2018

Venus moves into your third house of communication on the 6th, so it’s likely that someone new is about to enter your friend zone who stimulates that part of you who loves smart and interesting people. This may, however, be someone you already know on a superficial level who comes into your awareness suddenly. Whether this connection lasts and grows or just lasts for a while, there’s a karmic connection that’s undeniable, so pay attention (not that you need to be reminded). Mercury will also occupy your third house and it will turn retrograde after the 22nd. If you’re in a relationship you may find this a challenging time where you can’t seem to meet eye-to-eye on anything. Not to worry, this won’t last longer than three weeks, and when you do connect again (and you will) it will likely be on a more enlightened field.

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