Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

July 2017

July is full of fifth- and seventh-house action this month, Aquarius. Your fifth house is all about fun, pleasure and the more naughty side of life. Your seventh house is focused on one-on-one relationships, marriages and the partnerships in our lives. From the 4th through the 31st you’ll enjoy Venus in flirtatious Gemini and your fifth house. You’re bound to have plenty of social activity on your calendar, giving you many opportunities to mix it up and mingle if you’re single. Also, between the 20th and 24th, Mercury, Mars, the Sun and the New Moon all meet up in Leo, your seventh house. If you’re single, you could set your sights on someone who has a unique and eccentric flair. Married Aquarians should be wary of making their spouse feel like a third wheel or bringing out their jealous side, if they have one.

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