Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

April 2019


Consult with a Love Psychic early this month, Aquarius, because a Gemini co-worker will suddenly take you by surprise. Look who’s suddenly striking you as undeniably attractive! While Mars transits Gemini all those born under that sign will be exuding sexiness non-stop without even wanting to. The trine that you share with them makes rapport automatic and it seems sometimes that they read your thoughts before you say them. Don’t act impulsively but do consider the pros and cons of getting involved. Then, do what you feel is best. A romantic lunch on the 9th or 10th could clinch the deal if you want to risk the adventure.


Married Aquarians will be planning their fall vacation with their loved one when the Sun in their solar ninth house in Libra makes it time for a trip. If your mate is a Sun or Moon in Gemini, they will have some especially exotic ideas to consider. Uranus in Taurus could derail a few of your plans but persevere and you will have an exciting journey to look forward to after everyone else has blown their vacation hours during the summer. This is a month to plan and dream for Aquarius to rule the future, so don’t hold back! A Life Path Psychic will have all the details you need.

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