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Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

Capricorn and Libra Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sign Compatibility: Capricorn and Libra

When social Libra and determined Capricorn come together for a love match or any partnership, they’re capable of forming a strong and united front. Still, every match with the potential to be a power couple also has the potential to be a power struggle. Born three signs apart, there’s an indication that these two could square-off on some issues. However, as long as Capricorn doesn’t have to shoulder most of the burden and each plays to their strengths, these two can maintain a balanced and fulfilling relationship.

Together, they both want a comfortable home life complete with family, and they’re likely to have it. However, stylish Capricorn and Libra also enjoy the social scene. Popular Libra will be effective at helping business-minded Capricorn make new and valuable connections, personally and professionally. Sexually, Capricorn and Libra each have their areas of expertise. Capricorn is more physical; Libra more cerebral. Once they meet in the middle, they can meld masteries and take their connection to new heights.

Love by Element:  Earth and Air

Air and Earth couples are an odd match.  To the outside world, however, Capricorn and Libra seem to be the “it” couple that everyone wants to know more about.  In reality, they are near opposites. Capricorn can get annoyed when Libra talks a good game, yet doesn’t follow through.  Libra is miffed by Capricorn’s unadventurous nature.  As Earth and Air, Capricorn likes the tried and true, while Libra likes everything new.  Still, Libra can teach Capricorn to lighten up a bit and Capricorn can teach Libra to take things more seriously when it’s called for.  Though this couple may be sought after by the paparazzi, behind closed doors, it’s a real relationship that has some genuine hurdles to overcome.

The Good Side of Capricorn and Libra

Capricorn and Libra are not the classical astrological match. In fact, their signs form a square angle on the zodiac wheel, indicating a challenging relationship that may even include some competitiveness. However, they are both Cardinal signs, and perhaps they have other compatible aspects in their charts that could make this work.

From the moment they meet, classy Capricorn and charming Libra make a wonderful couple who form a deep attraction for one another. Both enjoy a love of good taste, refinement, and they both possess an excellent eye for fashion. Socially, they cast a wide net that crosses personal and professional bounds—the more, the merrier. Capricorn and Libra both want a loving environment to call home where they can entertain friends and family. If Capricorn is the family provider, Libra should know that they take their job seriously, and Capricorn should know that Libra’s Venusian charms just may convince them to turn off the laptop after all. Their home will be warm and inviting, but nevertheless a showplace.

The Bad Side of Capricorn and Libra

On the outside, Capricorn and Libra may seem like the ultimate power couple, but their union may be more superficial than they let on. Libra is not as practical as Capricorn. And while Capricorn is focused and ambitious, airy Libra may seem scattered and out of touch with facts and reality. Capricorn may feel at times like they’ve got all the responsibility and no partner to pick up the slack.

Keys to a Successful Union

Capricorn and Libra are born three signs apart forming a 90-degree angle, known as a square. Together they have a dynamic that is powerful, passionate and provides them the potential to attain power couple status. However, power struggles, differing agendas and control issues can bring up old wounds, especially those they’ve had with their parents. Let a therapist help.

Here’s the key to success: As two take-charge cardinal signs, they’ll have to take turns being the leader. Also having common goals and working together to achieve them together bring this couple closer. Communication must be direct – what both are willing to give and what they expect. Keep the passion alive.

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