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Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility

Capricorn and Gemini Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorn and Gemini aren’t the zodiac’s most likely pair, but they do have some things in common that both can appreciate in a mate. Initially, Capricorn likes Gemini’s quick wit and clever ways. If they hit it off, Gemini will help coax Capricorn out of their seemingly predictable comfort zone. Still, this is a classic odd couple where traditionalist Capricorn finds themselves fascinated by non-conformist Gemini. However, if the relationship is going to stand the test of time, it will take constant tweaks and adjustments. This couple will have to learn to live with someone very different from themselves in just about every way.

Gemini’s experimental nature likes to keep things fresh and new while Capricorn is happy living in their comfortable groove. The same goes for the bedroom. While both Capricorn and Gemini are both skilled in the art of making love, Gemini is the one who always comes up with something new and exciting to try. Capricorn will have to keep the element of surprise alive in this relationship or run the risk of boring their other half.

Love by Element:  Earth and Air

Capricorn and Gemini may have a few things in common, such as being go-getters in the career department or being some of the zodiac’s best networkers. However, Capricorn needs a reasonable degree of earthy consistency in their life and Gemini thrives on excitement and spontaneity. Routines may bore Gemini, but they are necessary for the Capricorn to feel settled. Geminis love surprises and unexpected gestures, especially in the bedroom, and that may be one place where Capricorn can keep things interesting for both (surprise!). It will take work to keep them both happy, but Gemini should know that life with Capricorn will include some degree of consistency.

The Good Side of Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorn and Gemini bring together the unlikely love match of Earth and Air. They will at least match in determination and ambition what they lack in compatibility. Still, however, to the outside world, these two can appear to be a real power couple. They do know how to socialize and expand their network of contacts. Perhaps they may want to consider being partners in business before they decide to become partners in romance. Gemini can help Capricorn expand their social circle, all of who have the potential to become future clients. Yay! Gemini recognizes the value in their Capricorn partner and considers their advice priceless (and it can be). Therefore, independent Gemini may let Capricorn lend advice while Capricorn lets Gemini expand their client list. If these two were to open a business focused on home and office organization, they’d cash in for sure.

The Bad Side of Capricorn and Gemini

Gemini continually thinks all about the future, while Capricorn has a reverence for history and tradition. Imagine the decorating wars. Hopefully, these two ambitious souls can build a house big enough to accommodate their differing styles. However, it’s not just decorating where these two different styles become a point of contention. If they can learn to meet each other half-way, there’s a chance these two can have a good life, but it will require constant maintenance, and that may be too much work even for these two.

Keys to a Successful Union

Capricorn and Gemini have what it takes to become a power couple. Being five signs apart on the zodiac wheel, these two have nothing in common astrologically speaking. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t still enjoy a marvelous connection. Adapting to the vast differences between Capricorn and Gemini will undoubtedly be a challenge, but that’s what makes it so appealing to both. These two share a connection (perhaps karmic) that no one can quite explain.

Here’s the key to success: Supporting each other’s differences, as well as strengths, can elevate their existence together. The most successful union will come to these two later in life, rather than when younger.

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