Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Capricorn and Cancer

When Capricorn and Cancer connect for love, it’s an astrological match made in heaven. Both are super supportive of the other – emotionally, physically and even financially. They are from opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, each representing the other’s seventh house of commitment and partnership. By being opposite signs, each can give the other what they may be lacking in their makeup. However, these two not only balance each other out, but also have a lot in common.

In astrology, Cancer is the sign of the “mother,” and Capricorn is the sign of the “father.”  Both cardinal signs (signs that begin seasons), they have a very traditional view of life in general, as well as a taste for the quality “stuff.” Capricorn and Cancer have similar desires – to have a comfortable home, a healthy and happy family life and a loving and dedicated partner. Behind closed doors, Capricorn and Cancer are attentive and erotic. When Capricorn and Cancer get together, they can create a life where all of their basic wants and needs are fulfilled.

Love by Element:  Earth and Water                          

Earth needs water to be fertile. Rivers need banks to stay on track. Earth and Water people need each other for inspiration and support. Cancer and Capricorn make a good blend of Earth and Water. They can be drawn to each other for many reasons. However, it’s not guaranteed, as both need to feel sure that it’s the right move for them. However, when they do decide to come together, they can form a deep and lasting bond. Both seek security and comfort in a relationship, and they both provide that for each other. As Cardinal signs, they have good taste. You can bet their home will be a welcoming place everyone will want to visit and perhaps never leave.

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