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Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Aries and Virgo

For both Aries and Virgo, this love match may be a blessing or a curse, or a bit of both. To make this union work, it takes a bit of patience, adjustment, and good timing. This is probably not a match that works well early in life before either has experienced life on their own. Only after each has experienced the ups, downs, and nuances of human growth, can either form a true appreciation for the differences and similarities they share.

It’s as if adventure-seeking Aries feels mesmerized by Virgo’s naturally grounded approach to life. Virgos can see the vast differences between the two, but yet they are drawn to Aries like moths to a flame. When it comes to astrological “qualities” (cardinal, mutable, and fixed) Aries and Virgo are polar opposites. Aries, being cardinal, (they start the season of spring) is great at getting projects off the ground. Virgo is mutable and is a master of wrapping things up. Also, Virgo is way more flexible than Aries. When these two get together, it’s that old tale of opposites attract. It’s also reminiscent of that famous old song that warns, “It’s a thin line between love and hate.”

Love by Element:  Fire and Earth

As a Fire sign, Aries can be drawn to Earth signs. The earth provides fuel and resources that can keep a fire burning. Sensuous Earth signs, like Virgo, have a need for connections that seem to move both heaven and earth. Volcanic eruptions can decimate a landscape, and heaping dirt on a fire can suffocate a flame. However, if Aries and Virgo can meet in the middle, and focus on what keeps their connection alive, these two can learn to appreciate what each brings to the relationship.

The Good Side of Aries and Virgo

When Aries and Virgo decide to form a united front or take on a common cause, they can make a wonderful pair. When these two play to their strengths, they can get things done from beginning to end. Although this pairing presents many challenges, in truth, any coupling comes with its differences. In fact, for these two it’s the differences that can be intriguing and even sexually stimulating; and these are two signs who love to get physical.

The Bad Side of Aries and Virgo

No matter how long Aries and Virgo have been together, there will always be an underlying uncomfortable feeling – both can feel like they’re with their soulmate one minute and a complete stranger the next. If Aries and Virgo come together before they’ve done some individual growth, this relationship might not ever get off the ground. Both will have to have learned a little about life, relationships and themselves before they can form a successful bond together.

The Keys to a Successful Union

If patience and positivity prevail, this relationship can be very healing for both. When working together, they are the perfect example of how our differences can actually form the glue that bonds us.

Aries and Virgo have more differences than night and day. The key to a successful union between them is to give up any intention or expectation of changing the other. That leaves the world of possibilities wide open. Aries may come to appreciate how Virgo likes things done in a certain way. Virgo may come to look forward to the times when Aries’ needs a little downtime. Still, it’s also important that these two find things to do together.

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3 thoughts on “Aries and Virgo Compatibility

  1. Sherri Brooks

    I can agree with this compatibility reading. As an aries who acts almost always on impulse and find it very difficult to keep my opinions to myself,(especially when there is an injustice of some kind) it seems to even out with my virgo man who thinks everything thru more than once and he hates confrontation. He actually made the comment that we seem to compliment each other in many ways. One particular way is where one of us lack in certain areas, the other has the ability to make it up with their own qualities. Plus the fact that we have in fact, both had plenty of life experiences by the time we united that we both kind of saved each other to a certain degree. He has said many times ,”if only we had met 20 yrs. ago…” but truth be told 20 yrs.ago, as an aries I was a bit wild and chasing after every rough, tough bad guy i could have fun with so his calm,responsible self wouldn’t have caught my attention back then I fear to say. But thankfully I found him at THE EXACT PERFECT time and it has been BY FAR the BEST, most appreciative and respected relationship ive ever had! I like to give God the glory foe for that became he showed up as my knight in shining armor when i needed to be saved!!

    1. Jay. C

      I so happen to agree, that’s how I’m feeling right now. It’s a lot of work but I wouldn’t change our relationship for the world. Thank you for posting your life experience, I thought I was the only one going through this.

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